JAYJUN Anti-Dust Therapy Mask – Review


In today’s post I would like to offer you Jayjun Mask Review.

Jayjun is one of my favourite Korean companies and I especially love their sheet masks.

“JAYJUN cosmetic was founded by a group of plastic surgeons, dermatologists and professional cosmetics researchers” (source).  Company’s goal is to provide people around the globe with the best cosmetic and skin care products that will help achieve bright, clear, young, healthy and beautiful skin.

I really love masks and eye patches by Jayjun, I haven’t had a chance to try other products.  I also noticed how products evolved over the years and I can notice the difference on my skin even from the first application.

I also made a review of another skin treatment by Jayjun company: JayJun Anti-Dust Whitening Mask

JAYJUN Anti-Dust Therapy Mask

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JAYJUN Anti-Dust Therapy Mask

This 3 step mask includes a cleanser, a sheet mask itself and a cream moisturizer.   It is made to remove environmental pollutants from sensitive, acne prone, dull and tired skin.  It also claims to provide protection from harmful environmental effects.

If you live and/or work in highly populated industrial city – this mask is golden for you.  I do live in such city and I am amazed how much dust accumulates on my skin by the end of the day after spending a day in downtown.

I often feel that my skin cannot “breath”, it becomes dull and very oily.

You can imagine that as soon as I found out about this mask, I did not think twice and purchased it right away.


Step 1: Jajun Anti-Dust Fresh Foam Cleanser

This soft-textured cleanser removes air pollutants, fine dust and make up residue stuck on your face.  This cleanser contains tiny bubbles which will enhance cleansing effect.  Also this cleanser supplies moisture and prevents dryness.

It has creamy texture and releases very pleasant floral smell.


Step 2: Jayjun Anti-Dust Therapy Mask

This is the sheet mask itself.  It is soaked in creamy essence that is light green in colour and has very pleasant floral smell.

Sheet mask gives you firm and clear skin by soothing irritated skin from external harmful environment.

It also strengthens skin’s outer layer.  This outer layer is a lipid-layer that protects your skin, moisturizes it in skin’s natural oil and prevents moisture from escaping.


Step 3:  Jayjun Anti-Dust Intensive Cream

Not many masks would offer you a cream to finish up your treatment, but few Jayjun masks have that option.

This moisturizing cream is very lightweight and yet if offers optimal moisturizing to irritated skin.  It also soothes the skin and further hydrates and moisturizes the skin.


How to use this Jayjun Anti-Dust Face Mask

1.        I personally remove my makeup first with miccelar water.   Then empty cleanser into your wet palms and massages it into your face with gentle circles.  Make sure you cover all your face.  Wash the cleanser off thoroughly with warm water.

2.       Apply sheet mask and spread it evenly.  Let it work for 20 minutes, remove from your face and discard.  Gently pat mask’s essence into your skin.  Do not wash it off.

3.       Apply intensive cream onto your face and gently massage.

That is it.  It feels as if you received a mini facial treatment just in one product.


purifying mask


Main ingredients of this Korean face mask


Hydroxyethyl Urea – is a synthetically derived skin care ingredient that is known for its powerful hydrating abilities and it helps promote cell turnover.

Panthenol – a powerful humectant that is able to attract and hold moisture.

Saururus Chinensis Extract – a very powerful antioxidant that will brighten and whiten your skin.

Ginger root oil – can soothe redness and eliminate bacteria, especially redness and bacteria associated with acne. It is also a very powerful antioxidant as well, so it will enhance whitening and brightening effects.

Centella asiatica extract – boosts antioxidant activity strengthening the skin and increasing blood circulation. It is beneficial in the management of eczema, psoriasis, veins and stretch marks.  It is an amazing ingredient for acne treatment as it speeds healing, helping to prevent scarring.  It attacks acne causing bacteria preventing acne from happening altogether.

Peony root extract – is an anti-oxidant and an anti-inflammatory, and works well to brighten the complexion

And the list of floral and plant extracts goes on and on.  It also contains hyaluronic acid that is very famous moisturizing ingredient.


My impression of this Jayjun mask

First of all I liked getting a complex 3 step treatment where each product complemented and completed each other.

My only concern was with the cleanser.

I checked pH level of this cleanser and it came up pretty high – at 8.  It is too acidic for our skin, usually pH neutral cleanser should be between 5 and 6.

You can still use it, but only occasionally. I strongly discourage you from using any cleanser with pH lever higher than 6.

However, if you dilute this cleanser with water, you will bring pH down.  I usually use bubble maker tool – it is a very cheap but very effective tool to neutralize pH level for any cleanser.

Other than that, cleanser was very pleasant and soft.

I liked the mask and did not mind it’s milky consistency.  Light green color was a bit weird at first, but at the end of the day who cares about the color lol.

Mask did make my skin feel hydrated and look brighter.  I also felt that my skin became nourished and rejuvenated.

I did feel a bit of a sticky film on the surface of my skin, but it is normal when you use products with hyaluronic acid and other humectants.  Humectants’ job IS to form a protective barrier to keep moisture in.


jayjun mask


Once you apply step 3 – the cream, the sticky feeling from the mask goes away.  This cream is a bit on a heavier side and might not be very suitable for people with oily or well hydrated skin.  It was fine on my tired and dehydrated skin, so no complaints there.

There is a lot of cream in that tiny pouch, so there will be enough for your face, neck and even chest.

I found this mask to be excellent for travel.  You can save space and weight by bringing this mask that contains 3 step skin care just in one sheet.   I also find that when travelling I am exposed to lots of dust and dirt in airports or some destinations.  So this mask comes in handy.

After all, I am really enjoying this mask and will definitely buy another package once I run out.


I purchased this mask on eBay.



Stay beautiful.

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