PURITO Galacto Niacin 97 Power Essence – Review

Purito Galacto Niacin 97 power essence review

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If you are struggling with freckles, age spots, oily shine and skin dehydration, then you should consider this interesting and working product – PURITO Galacto Niacin 97 Power Essence.

I am on my second bottle and I think I can share my opinion as an ordinary consumer.

I am not sure if you heard about Korean skin care brand Purito. If not, I strongly suggest, that you explore their page and read more about the company. I used quite a few of their products and they are very, very good.

What is Purito Brand?

Brand has a philosophy that nature is able to provide us and our skin with everything we need.

It is “all natural”, eco-friendly brand that does not do any animal testing.

Brand also uses environmentally-friendly recycled paper packaging. So you will not see any glossy and fancy boxes. All packaging is very basic and fully recyclable.

Brand has ongoing commitment to “Safe and Honest” products.

purito brand
Photo credit Purito

So, if you are looking for natural cruelty-free products, please, consider this brand.

PURITO Galacto Niacin 97 Power Essence

The company promises the following: “This essence <…> brings out the maximum whitening and skin-firming effects, while improving skin health and clarity.” It also promises to whiten your skin, effectively moisturize and improve the overall skin tone and texture. (Purito)

How to use PURITO Galacto Niacin 97 Power Essence

Essence usually follows the toner and before serums and ampoules.

If you would like to know the difference between Essence, Serum and Ampoule, their functions and application order, I invite you to read my very detailed post HERE.

Now, let’s “slice” this essence ingredient by ingredient and see what is it all about. I would like to discuss the 2 major ingredients: galactomyces ferment and niacinamide in details.

Main Ingredients

Galactomyces ferment

galactomyces ferment filtrate

This is truly an amazing ingredient. I have a very detailed post about it and I invite your to read more about galactomyces.

In short galactomyces is a genus of fungi in the family Dipodascaceae.

The filtrate “is a nutrient dense yeast, and a byproduct of fermented sake”. (wikipedia)

In skin care galactomyces ferment is used for the following properties:

  • hydration;
  • moisture;
  • antioxidant effect – meaning it is able to brighten sun damage and age spots;
  • strengthening of skin’s protective barrier, which is extremely important in maintaining skin’s moisture and protection from harmful organisms and pollutants;
  • this ferment is also very effective against acne.

According to Purito, Galacto essence has 92% of ferment filtrate. So we can conclude that this essence has a lot of potential in hydrating, moisturizing our skin and strengthening skin barrier.

Niacinamide vs Niacin

Another powerful ingredient in this essence is Niacinamide.

I would like to clarify something. You see, the word “niacin” in the product name is not very accurate.

I mean, terms “niacinamide” and “niacin” are used interchangeably by many bloggers and even aestheticians. And it is ok. However, if we really want to be accurate about the terms, then let’s quickly explore both of them.

Niacinamide and Niacin both are types of Vitamin B3. However, they are DIFFERENT types of vitamin B3.

The type that is used in skin care is called Niacinamide. The other type – niacin – we take orally (we consume niacinamide as well as use it in skin care).

In skin care niacinamide is used for the following:

  • fights free radicals. That means that it is able to lighten age (sun) spots and other hyperpigmentation. This property makes niacinamide a go to product for people, who cannot use Vitamin C for whatever reasons.
  • stimulates collagen production. As we age, amount of collagen diminishes in all our body including skin. Less collagen means more sagging skin, wrinkles and fine lines. Many people use niacinamide during summer time, when use of retinol is not recommended.
  • regulates oil production. Niacinamide actually slows down production of oil.
  • because of its ability to lower sebum (skin oil) production, your pores will become visibly smaller. You cannot “shrink” your pores (pores do not have muscles), but you can make them visibly less noticeable; one of the was to do so is to reduce skin oil.
  • significantly reduces redness and blotchiness; this is one of the main reasons people with sensitive skin use niacinamide (not many people with sensitive skin are able to use retinol and Vitamin C, but can tolerate niacinamide).

As you can see, niacinamide is a cool ingredient to have in your skin care product. Purito company assures us that this essence contains 5% of niacinamide, which is a pretty fair amount.

Other Major Ingredients of the Essence

There are other 2 major ingredients that worth mentioning: Viscum Alba Leaf Extract and Allantoin.

Viscum Alba Leaf Extract is an extract of the leaves of Mistletoe plant. It has ver strong anti-inflammatory, healing and moisturizing properties.

Allantoin is a very effective non-irritating moisturizer.

To summarize, the Essence is packed with moisturizing, healing and anti-irritating ingredients. For obvious reasons, this makes the essence a product of choice for many people.

purito essence

My Impression of PURITO Galacto Niacin 97 Power Essence

The essence has liquid, almost watery consistency. I would describe it as “thickened” water. It is so runny, that sometimes I have to check the label to make sure that is an essence indeed.

It is very clear with no colour.

There is no odour to it, or it is so mild that I cannot fill it.

Essence goes onto skin very easy, spreads smoothly and absorbs by skin very fast.

There is no “sticky” feeling that I really do not like, but put up with (all products with hyaluronic acid leave “sticky” film on top of the skin, this is how this particular ingredient works and it is normal).

In my opinion and based on how my skin feels and looks, this product delivers what it promises:

  • my skin feels hydrated
  • there is definitely less oil production
  • as a result of decreased skin oil, there is less acne
  • skin feels very moisturized, smooth and soft

I personally cannot say anything about skin whitening, but it is for many other reasons: I do not go under the sun (or alway cover my head so sun does not reach my skin as much); always wear sun protection; head a period when I used vitamin C products and adenosine containing products.

However, I give the full “whitening and brightening” credit to Tosowoong Vita Clinic Vitamin Dressing Powder with Buckthorn. This powder has been my saviour from acne and pimples for few years. And currently is saving my teenager’s angry skin from postules and pimples.

Having said my opinion about whitening properties, I read many reviews where people notice brighter and whiter skin.

If I am at home, and feel that I would like extra moisture and hydration for the skin and I would like it quick – I use few sprays of this essence.

For me it is one of those products that I will be buying over and over again.

I purchased this Purito essence from YESSTYLE

Essence Ingredients Safety and Function

In conclusion I would like to offer your attention a summary table of all the ingredients and their function. I would like to draw your attention to the safety of the components according to CosDNA :

skin care product safety cosdna
Image credit to CosDNA

CosDNA rates safety of the products on 1 to 5 scale where 1 is the safest and 5 is the most unsafe one. As you can see from the image, Galacto Niacin 97 essence has very safe ingredients.

Stay beautiful!!!

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  1. I’ve been thinking of getting this essence and using it AM and PM, specially before my retinol because of the niacinamide but I haven’t heard much about galactomyces ferment and retinol’s interaction so I’m a bit scared to incorporate it into my routine. What do you think about it ?

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