DIY aloe vera whipped hand cream

Today we are going to make a hand cream that will keep your hands soft, healthy, moisturized and silky.

What Is Aloe vera?

Aloe vera is an amazing plant that has an endless list of benefits (Healthline).

  • You can you aloe vera gel/juice as a medicine to boost your immune system and treat some stomach issues.
  • It has amazing healing and cooling properties, that is why people often use after sun burn, or general burns.   You can also apply aloe vera product onto cuts and wounds to speed up healing and regeneration.
  • You can also you aloe vera gel or juice to care for your beautiful hair.   You can make masks and healthy sprays to restore shine and glow to your hair.   You can apply aloe vera to sculp to get rid of dandruff, itchiness and irritation.

So, yes, that is why people use aloe  vera for thousands and thousands of years.   Even now days, when medicine and cosmetic industries became so advanced, we still turn to this ancient simple plant.

I have several blog posts about benefits of aloe vera.   To get the better understanding what aloe vera is, how your skin and you hair can benefit from it, read these posts:

  1. How to Use Aloe Vera for Face and Acne

2. 7 Amazing Homemade Beauty Products with Aloe Vera

3. 7 Amazing DIY Recipes with Aloe for Beautiful Hair

Ok, so far we took care of your facial skin and hair.

Now let’s take care of your beautiful hard working hands.

DIY aloe vera whipped hand cream

What I like about homemade care products is that they you can always adjust ingredients to your liking and needs.

I will tell you how to make basic cream, but you are free to add and/or substitute some ingredients as you like.


Aloe vera gel  – 2 table spoons  (Now, you also have options for this ingredient.   You can make your own – and I’ve got you covered: here is the full recipe of DIY aloe vera gel).   Or you can buy ready made gel online by following THIS link.

Solid butter  3 table spoons –  (shea, mango, cocoa – your choice.  If you are not sure which butter suites your skin needs more – I’ve got you covered again:  follow this LINK to read everything about different butters).

Liquid oil    1-2 table spoons –      (sesame, grape-seed oil, almond oil.  Again – I’ve got you covered HERE)

Rose water or Witch Hazel – 1 table spoon (and again, you can make your own rose water if you wish, just click HERE)

P.S when you see measurements like 1-2 (table spoons like in this post) it means that it all depends on how liquid – solid you want your cream to be. If you want it to be more solid – than use larder amount of solid butter.

We’ll also need:

-hand blender or mixer

– bowl

– spoon or spatula

-glass jar


  1. Mix all liquid ingredients well (you will notice that water based liquids will not readily mix with oil, just keep stirring the mixture, all ingredients will mix eventually)
  2. Warm up the butter (I usually place it in microwave stove and set microwave stove in 5 second intervals. I keep doing it until butter is very soft, almost runny. Do not boil the butter, otherwise your end product won’t be smooth)
  3. Using hand blender or mixer mix start whipping the butter.
  4. Gradually (this is very important) start adding liquid mixture. Add half of a tea spoon and whip, then add another one and whip. Pause for 5-6 seconds and check mixture’s consistency. If it is still too thick, continue adding oils one by one whipping well after each one.
  5. You will notice that your mixture will start getting thicker.
  6. The longer you mix, the thicker your end product will be.
  7. Once you are done, place your cream in a glass jar and seal.
  8. That is it. Your super healthy cream for your beautiful hands is ready.

How To Store This Hand Cream

Shelf life of this product depends on what kind of ingredients you use.

If you use store bought aloe vera gel and rose water – then this cream could be stored 2-3 months at room temperature and 6 months in the fridge.

If you make your own gel and water – then store it for a month in the fridge.

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