8 Amazing Homemade Christmas Body Scrubs

Pamper yourself with amazing natural body scrubs that smell like Christmas: gingerbread scrub, coffee body scrub, lemon and sugar scrub, brown sugar scrub.  These cute body scrubs will also make an excellent cheap last minute gift for someone you care for.

Holidays are approaching fast and this is probably one of the busiest times of the year.   We are all running around looking for presents, decorations, chocolate and candies.   We think about turkey dinners, yummy deserts and gingerbread cookies.

There is no surprise that in such busy times we forget about the most important people: ourselves.   I personally notice that I do not spend as much time for self-care as I do during other times of the year.   Other things and chores become a priority and overtake time for myself.

As a result I often feel tired and exhausted by the time Christmas comes.

So, I am thinking of pressing a “pause” button and give some time to myself.  If you find yourself in the similar position, then let’s take a deep breath together and allow some time for self-care.

Self-care does not mean that we should take hours from our busy schedule.  Even a 10 minute shower with a wonderful festive smelling homemade body rubs could make you feel renewed and rejuvenated.

Homemade Christmas Scrubs for your body

There is something special about homemade beauty products.  They are made with love and it feels as if they absorbed all the care and joy from your hands.

You can also customize your products to address the very skin issue that you have.

DIY body scrubs are inexpensive and yet they feel like a magic potion that transforms your skin to become glowing and smooth.

You will notice that brown sugar body scrub is among the most popular ones in this kind of holiday season.

Brown sugar plays a role of an exfoliator, where it gently removes dead cells from your skin, leaving it silky and healthy.

Whipped Gingerbread Sugar Scrub

Photo and recipe by Sugar and Soul

“This Whipped Gingerbread Sugar Scrub blends spices and moisture rich coconut oil with sweet exfoliating brown and pure cane sugars into an at-home skincare product that your body is sure to love as much as your nose and wallet!”

It smells so delicious and yet very delicate. It will also make a wonderful last minute gift for someone you love and care fore.

Get the instructions

DIY Peppermint Sugar Scrub Gift

christmas scrubs

Photo and recipe by Mommy Made That

This scrub will make and amazing, cute and thoughtful last minute gift.  Pamper yourself and your friends with this exfoliating and refreshing body scrub and scrub off all tiredness and worries of the day.

You can buy this cute jar with a wooden spoon at the dollar store, throw a string or a ribbon around jar’s neck and you will end up with very presentable present.

Get the full recipe by clicking this link.

Peppermint Mocha Emulsified Whipped Salt Scrub Recipe

Photo and recipe by Everything Pretty 

This is a very unique and unusual body scrub, that has many ingredients.

“This peppermint mocha whipped salt scrub recipe is made with an emulsifier, so it turns into a lotion when you rinse it off.  The scent is made from an all natural chocolate mint blend.”

It contains epsom salt that is famous detoxifying, smoothing exfoliator.  Epsom salt also contains magnesium that relieves muscle pain.

Apricot oil, coconut butter, coconut oil and emulsifying wax will extensively moisturize your skin leaving it smooth and soft.   Vitamin E will fight any signs of aging.

And above all, this scrub has amazing chocolate smell.  Yum!!!

Get the full recipe by clicking this link. 

Immune Boosting Coconut Oil Sugar Scrub Recipe

Photo and recipe by Simplify, Live, Love

This recipe deserves our attention not only for amazing, refreshing ingredients that will help us to achieve smooth skin.  It is also infused with essential oils that will help strengthen our immune system and fight colds and viruses of winter season.

It also contains manuka honey which is widely used in skin care for its amazing anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.  I have the whole post on benefits of honey for our skin and how to make different products with honey.

Get the full recipe by clicking this link. 

DIY Candy Cane Sugar Scrub

Photo and recipe by Moms Who Save

I think you agree that it is impossible to imagine Christmas without candy canes.  They are one of the symbols of this magical holiday.

This is an interesting recipe which contains real candy canes (crushed, of course). This scrub not only will exfoliate your skin, but will lift your mood up.

Get the full recipe by clicking this link. 

Mint Sugar Scrub

Photo and recipe by Shaken Together

This is a very easy 5 minute homemade scrub that only has 3 ingredients.  Sugar will exfoliate your skin, coconut oil will moisturize it and peppermint extract will give your refreshing feeling.

It is an excellent and thoughtful last minute teachers’ gift.  Or just pamper yourself and enjoy this amazing skin care product.

You can also easily print labels for your gift.

Get the full recipe by clicking this link. 

Coffee Sugar Scrub

Photo and recipe by Sustain My Craft Habit

I personally love coffee scrubs.  Coffee grounds is another amazing detoxifying and exfoliating ingredient.  It increases circulation and leaves skin so soft.

This scrub also has mandarin essential oil which gives it very fresh and yet sweet smell.

Get the full recipe by clicking this link. 

Peppermint Soap and Bath Salts Gift in a Jar

Photo and recipe by The Country Chic Cottage

This is a gift to the next level: it has everything you need for a nice relaxing bath.

Pamper yourself or your BFF with homemade peppermint soap that is very easy to make (once you have the right ingredients).

Bath salts are made of epsom salt and we already learnt that epsom salt will detoxify your skin and relax your muscles.  It also opens up pores and removes all the trapped dirt.   Peppermint essential oil will fill your bathroom with relaxing and refreshing fragrance.

Goat milk peppermint soap will leave your skin clean and soft.

Get the full recipe by clicking this link. 

I hope you were able to find ideas for your own self-care body scrub or a present for your loved one or for someone you care.   Our gifts do not have to be big and expensive, as long as we give them with love.

Tips for the best winter skin care

Also, do not forget that our skin care during cold, dry winter seasons is different than during other seasons.  Our skin needs extra hydration and moisture to stay healthy and glowing.  I encourage you to read my extensive post where I offer you 12 tips on how to maintain healthy and young looking skin during heating season.

Stay beautiful!!!!!!

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