When to Add Phenoxyethanol to Your Homemade Beauty Products

Creating homemade beauty products can be a fun and rewarding experience. One of the key steps in ensuring the longevity and safety of your DIY products is the proper use of preservatives like phenoxyethanol.

Here’s a straightforward guide on when and how to add phenoxyethanol to your homemade beauty products.

Why Use Phenoxyethanol?

Before diving into the “when,” let’s quickly recap why phenoxyethanol is important:

  • Prevents Bacterial Growth: Keeps your products safe from harmful bacteria and fungi.
  • Extends Shelf Life: Allows you to store your creations for longer periods without spoilage.

When to Add Phenoxyethanol

  1. During the Cooling Phase: Phenoxyethanol should be added to your mixture during the cooling phase. This is typically when your mixture has cooled down to below 104°F (40°C). Adding it to a mixture that is too hot can degrade the preservative and reduce its effectiveness.
  2. After Mixing: Ensure all your ingredients are well-blended and homogenized before adding phenoxyethanol. This allows for even distribution of the preservative throughout the product.
  3. In Water-Based Products: Phenoxyethanol is particularly useful in water-based formulations like lotions, creams, and toners, where the risk of bacterial growth is higher. If your product is oil-based and doesn’t contain water, you might not need a preservative.

How Much Phenoxyethanol to Use

The typical usage rate for phenoxyethanol is between 0.5% and 1% of the total product weight. Here’s a simple calculation to guide you:

Calculate Total Product Weight: Determine the total weight of your finished product. For example, if you are making 100 grams of lotion, this is your total product weight.

Calculate Phenoxyethanol Amount: Use the following formula to find out how much phenoxyethanol to add:

Amount of Phenoxyethanol=Total Product Weight×Usage Rate

For a 1% usage rate in 100 grams of lotion:

Amount of Phenoxyethanol=100grams×0.01=1gram

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Prepare Your Ingredients: Mix all your ingredients according to your recipe.
  2. Cool the Mixture: Allow your mixture to cool to below 104°F (40°C).
  3. Add Phenoxyethanol: Measure the appropriate amount of phenoxyethanol and add it to the cooled mixture.
  4. Mix Thoroughly: Stir the mixture well to ensure the phenoxyethanol is evenly distributed.
  5. Package and Store: Pour your finished product into clean, sterilized containers and store them properly.

Important Tips

  • Use a Digital Scale: Precision is key when measuring phenoxyethanol. Use a digital scale to ensure accuracy.
  • Sterilize Equipment: Always sterilize your equipment and containers to prevent contamination.
  • Label Your Products: Clearly label your homemade products with the date of creation and ingredients used.

Adding phenoxyethanol to your homemade beauty products at the right time and in the right amount ensures they stay fresh and safe to use.

Add this preservative during the cooling phase and after thorough mixing and you can extend the shelf life of your beauty products and protect them from harmful bacteria.

Stay beautiful!!!!

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