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time revolution review

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Hydrating masks for face are a must product in everyone’s skin care product stash.

If you love Korean skin care, you are probably familiar with Missha Time Revolution line.  It is an extensive set of products that work wonders on anyone’s skin.

What makes this line unique is that products are formulated with fermented ingredients.  According to numerous studies ferments help with anti-aging, whitening and brightening the skin; they also improve skin hydration and help fight acne.   You could read about Galactomyces Ferment in one of my articles. 

Time Revolution line also has different sub categories in it: The First Treatment, Night Repair, Vitality and others.  Each sub-category targets specific skin issues: dehydration, age spots, skin aging etc. 

Artemisia is one of the sub-lines under Time Revolution Umbrella line.   Artemisia line contains cleanser, essence, ampoule, mist and now sheet mask.

What is Artemisia Annua Extract?

I know this name sounds so exotic, however, it’s other very well known name is mugwort.  Mugwort extract is becoming very famous and widely used in today’s cosmetics.  

I made an extensive research and composed a detailed blog post about Mugwort and its benefits.

artemisia mugwort masks

Here is the short list of benefits of mugwort plant:

  • Fights acne and blackheads due to its anti-bacterial properties
  • Improves blood circulation, promotes cell regeneration
  • Regulates skin oil production
  • Reduces appearance of large pores (due to increased hydration)
  • Fights acne and blackheads
  • Tones and refreshes dull skin
  • Improves appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

In other words, mugwort (or artemisia annua) is a very powerful ingredient for our skin.

As a part of Time Revolution line, Artemisia Jelly Sheet Mask contains fermented mugwort extract.

During process of fermentation compounds break down into tiny and bioavailable fragments.  That allows ingredients to penetrate our skin deeper, delivering a more concentrated amount of components to the skin layers. 

This is how company itself describes the process of extract collection. “In September, artemisia collected from Gangwon Island concentrated in the natural fermentation of two pots, ‘once in warmth, once in chill’, and then stored as “whole artemisia extract”. (Missha)

What does this mask do?

According to manufacturer, this mask promises to “reduce skin dehydration, sooth, moisturize, calm red and irritated skin.

What skin type is this mask good for?

This mask is suitable for any skin type.  

According to the company the mask is specifically designed for people with oily/combination and sensitive skin.

People with sensitive will benefit the most: this mask is calming, non irritating and contains only 1 ingredients – artemisia extract itself.

time revolution sheet mask

Main ingredients of the Mask

As I mentioned sheet mask is soaked in fermented artemisia essence

I was kind of skeptical before: how much just one ingredient can do?  Like seriously.

However, I really love the idea.  First of all, it is perfect for people with sensitive skin, who cannot tolerate an extensive list of ingredients.

Second, sometimes it is good to give your skin a break from many ingredients.  Sometimes we can “overfeed” our skin with too many products.  And skin will pay back with blemishes, breakout, irritation and dry patches.

With this mask we can provide our skin with hydration and good ingredients without overloading it

Jelly Sheet Mask 

I thought that sheet mask itself deserves a mentioning.

It does feel like a thickened jelly.   According to manufacturer it is infused with artemisia extract and may have slightly yellowish colour. 

artemisia mask igredients

How to Use The Artemisia Mask

  •  Cleanse your face and apply toner
  • Put mask on your face and gently press sheet into the skin, repeating contour of your face.
  • Leave mask for 10-20 minutes.  I noticed that mask feels drying up by the end of 20 minutes. 
  • Peel off the mask and lightly pat in remaining essence.  I usually wipe my neck with remaining mask essence.
  • Follow up with moisturizer or/and cream

You can use this mask daily according to Missha company.

My Impression of Time Revolution Artemisia Sheet Mask

Every sheet mask comes in its own package.

As I mentioned before, mask is soaked in artemisia essence which has very pleasant light smell.

I really like jell like base, it attaches to the skin very well and repeats face contour.

There is enough essence after 20 minutes of application to apply to neck and chest.

If you read some of my posts, you know that I am not a big fan of hyaluronic acid.  I mean, I understand and appreciate what it does to the skin, but, oh man, I do not like that sticky film it leaves (applying moisturizer helps).  

So, I am very happy that this Artemisia Jelly Sheet Mask provides my skin with hydration and moisture without causing sticky film.  

My skin does feel plumped and hydrated.   I consider it a good result, because I constantly use masks, moisturizers and take care of my skin.  I always watch hydration and moisture.  

To me, the fact that I feel the improvement on already moisturized skin, means that the product is really working.

I used 3 masks so far (every other day), and it seems to me that my skin is brighter, more moisturized and rejuvenated.

I would repurchase the mask and would recommend it to anyone.

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Stay beautiful!!!

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