Benefits of Tea Tree Oil for Hair and Skin


Tea tree oil for hair and skin


Hello and thank you for visiting.  Today we are going to talk about tea tree oil, its benefits for skin and hair and explore products that contain tea tree oil.


Tea tree oil is a transparent liquid that could be completely colourless or have a slight yellow tint. It has a specific smell that reminds of camphor smell.  Tea tree essential oil comes from the leaves of tea tree Melaleuca Alternifolia.  Leaves are distilled with water to obtain the oil.   Tea trees grow in Australia.


tea tree oil


History tea tree and tee tree oil use

People in Australia have been using tea tree leaves for many generations. Our ancestors noted that leaves could treat coughs and colds through inhalation; wound, scrapes and cuts healed faster if a compression or dressing had tea tree leaf in them; herbal infusions treated sore throats and skin irritation and disease.

Chemist Arthur Penfold published his scientifically studies in 1920-1930s. His publication consisted of a series of articles where the chemist for the first time officially reported discovered antimicrobial properties of tea tree leaves and oil.  The scientist claimed that tea tree oil’s   was 11 times stronger in its antibacterial properties that phenol (phenol was widely used as an antiseptic in medicine back then).

Oil has about 98 amazing compounds including terpinene-4-ol, which is responsible for the most of the antimicrobial activity

When antibiotics came to play in 1940s, tea tree oil became less popular. However, in the 1970s this unique oil became popular again.

Today tea tree oil is very popular and well respected oil that is used in skin and hair care as well as in medicine.


Benefits and Uses of Tea Tree oil

  • Antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal and antiseptic properties (that is why tea tree oil is an ingredient of choice in natural medicine for treatment of bacterial, fungal and viral infections);
  • Can treat skin diseases and conditions such as abscess, acne, oily skin, rash, insect bites, dandruff and other minor irritations; It also helps in cases of eczema and dermatitis;
  • Tea tree oil cures respiratory diseases and strengthens body’s immune system;
  • Oil can also help with sweating feet by regulating production of sweat and eliminate foot odour;
  • Oil disinfects minor cuts, bruises, scrapes and abrasions;
  • Tea tree oil stimulates skin cells turnover which promotes cell regeneration;
  • You can also use tea tree oil for scalp to treat scalp dryness, dandruff and itchiness;
  • Using tea tree oil for hair has shown improvement in hair structure, shine and flow;
  • Using tea tree oil deodorant will help eliminate unpleasant underarm odour.


tea tree oil deodorant


Contraindications of using Tea Tree Oil

  • You should always remember about individual intolerance. That means that you could be sensitive and even allergic to something that other people have to problems with.
  • Signs of individual intolerance (sensitivity and allergy): redness, itchiness, swelling, in severe cases difficulty breathing
  • Always perform a patch test if you are using a product or an ingredient for the first time
  • Tea tree oil could be irritating in the beginning to any skin type if you just started using it. It is advisable to start using it with small doses (1-2 drops) and increase it to 5 eventually.
  • Many people do not like the smell of tea tree oil. It is rather strong and reminds of camphor. So bare this in mind and do not use tea tree oil if you are planning to be at the public even, work or friendly gathering. Most likely people won’t appreciate your aroma lol.


tea tree oil for scalp


How to choose good tea tree oil

The main component of tea tree oil is the ration between terpinen and cineole.

Terpinen-4 is responsible for antiseptic properties of the oil. The higher the concentration of terpinen in the oil, the more pure this oil is.

Cineole is a natural organic compound better known as eucalyptol, which is the main ingredient in eucalyptus oil. You would want to have lower cineole concentration in your tea tree oil. If oil has a large amount of cineole, it will irritate your skin.

So, when looking into buying strong, natural, pure tea tree oil, aim for the oil that has 30-40% of terpinen-4 and less than 7% of cineole.

Choose oils that are from Australia, because tea tree is native to Australia. This way you know that you are getting an original product.

Oil should always be in dark glass bottle. Never consider buying oil that is sold in plastic bottles.

Store your oil in dark, cool place.


How to use tea tree oil

  • Tea tree oil is one of the essential oils that can be applied directly to one’s skin without carrier oils. Having said that, keep in mind that you should not be rubbing your face in tea tree oil. It is rather used for spot treatment in its pure form.
  • If you have sensitive skin or if you would like incorporated tea tree oil into your facial skin care routine, add it to your creams, lotions, serums. Or you can dilute it in a carrier oil (carrier oil is not an essential oil; examples of carrier oils are sesame, olive, sunflower, apricot kernel, grapeseed, almond, chia seed, jojoba etc) and then apply it to your face, body or hair.
  • As mentioned above, you can use oil in its pure form locally for specific problems: cuts, acne, pimples, burns, rashes, cold sores, mosquito bite etc. Use cotton swabs for easy application. Treat it as a tincture in this case.
  • Add few drops in your favourite creams, lotions, shampoos, face and hair masks to deliver benefits of tea tree oil.
  • Never heat this oil and never add to heated components!
  • DO NOT use on open fresh burns, frostbites; area around eyes, genitals and never use it as a mouthwash.
  • NEVER swallow tea tree oil. It might lead to vomiting, diarrhea, impaired immune function, excessive drowsiness, confusion, and even coma.
  • DO NOT use tea tree oil on children under 3 years old, pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers.


If you read through my blog, you probably noticed that I try to give different options to some skin and hair concerns you might experience. I cover products that you can easily buy in the store or online.  I also offer you homemade natural products that you can easily prepare at home if you prefer these types of care products.


In this post I would like to offer you products that are readily available for you at stores and online.

(This post contains affiliate links.  That means that if you make a purchase, I might receive a small commission at no extra cost to you)


1. Cleansers

Tea Tree Skin Cleanser / Tea Tree Oil / The Body Shop – this is a beautiful face cleanser that will purify your skin. It mildly cleanses blemishes and skin impurities away.  It will also reduce oiliness and shine of your skin.  Perfect for oily and combination skin.

Michelle Douglas Tea Tree Oil Cleanser – will remove impurities such as sebum and dirt while calming irritated and aggravated skin. It will clear up acne, blemishes while moisturizing your skin. This cleanser is suitable for teenagers who have problematic skin.

Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Face Wash – antibacterial power of tea tree oil will gently remove sebum excess, makeup, dirt and other impurities without drying your face.


2. Toners

Tea Tree Oil Skin Clearing Mattifying Facial Toner / The Body Shop – this toner will complete your skin cleaning process with will remove any residual traces of makeup and impurities. This toner further controls sebum production reducing skin oily shine. It minimizes appearance of pores and leaves skin feeling clean, toned, refreshed and visibly clear.

Secret Key Tea Tree Refresh Calming Toner  – this is super refreshing toner contains many amazing calming extracts in addition to tea tree oil such as hollyhock extract, lemon extract, aloe vera, green tea, zanthoxylum fruit, pasqueflower, persimmon leaf and chamomile extracts. This toner reduces sebum products, removes waste from clogged pores, soothes and refreshes your skin.

Naruko Tea Tree Shine Control and Blemish Clear Toner  – shine and blemish control facial toner that is also very refreshing and cooling.


tea tree oil for hair


3.  Face Serums

Baebody Beauty Tea Tree Oil Super Serum  – this awesome serum also contains retinol, vitamin C, rosehip oil and nicainamide. So you can imagine how wonderful it will be for your skin.  It will revitalize, rejuvenate, brighten dark spots and reduce inflammation associated with acne and other breakouts.  On top of everything this serum has anti-aging effect.

Dermapeutics Tea Tree Oil Anti-Oxidant Facial Serum – this beautiful serum will help to treat irritants that cause acne, clogged pores and oily skin.

ActivePur Tea Tree oil Serum – this serum contains tea tree oil, 20% vitamin C, hyaluronic acid and retinol, which makes it excellent for treating acne, age spots, fine lines and acne scars.


4.  Face Creams

Keeva Organics Acne Treatment Cream With Secret TEA TREE OIL For Acne Scar – this is a very effective and natural face balm. It helps to reduce skin irritation and redness, does not clog your pores, soothes skin and promotes healthy cellular regeneration.

Oriflame Pure Nature Organic Tea Tree and Rosemary Oil Purifying Face Cream – light, non-greasy day and night facial moisturizer with tea tree and rosemary essential oils. It softens and helps to re-balance oily skin, fighting blemishes. Leaves skin looking healthy, hydrated and purified.


5.  Body Wash

O Natural Deep Cleansing Bath and Body Wash – this pampering body was contains rosemary, peppermint and tea tree oil.   It fights body odor, sweat, and acne spots. It will clean your skin and provide your body with an energy boost. (amazon)

Defense Soap Antifungal Body Was Shower Gel – it contains 100% natural ingredients; it moisturizes and soothes itchy, scratchy, dry and inflamed skin. It also restores the skin’s natural barrier and helps control the production of sebum and dead skin cells. This body wash is excellent for athletes and people, who go to the gym often.


6.  Foot Scrub

Brooklyn Botany Tea Tree Body and Foot Scrub – this foot scrub is loaded with amazing ingredients like Epsom salt, jojoba oil, 100% pure dead sea salt, tea tree essential oil, chamomile essential oil and many other essential oils. This scrub will gently remove dead skin cells from your feet, reduce foot odour and sweat, remove calluses and cleanse your feet. (amazon)


7.  Oils and Gels

Biossance Squalane + Tea Tree Balancing Oil  – quick absorbing, weightless, and hydrating facial oil enhanced with tea tree oil and plant-derived squalene which is a very strong moisturizer. It is an excellent product if you are trying to solve such skin problems as blemishes, enlarged pores and redness.

Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Medicated Gel for Acne – this is an invisible treatment gel that penetrates into the skin to help dry out acne and pimples. Ideal for whiteheads, blackheads, pimples and acne.


8.  Hair Products with Tea Tree Oil

CHI Tea Tree Oil Serum for hair  – contains tea tree oil and peppermint which moisturize and nourishes the hair and scalp with essential nutrients for silky, smooth, healthy looking hair while also providing natural UV and thermal protection.

Shiny Leaf Tea Tree Shampoo and Conditioner – deep cleansing formula of the shampoo will remove dandruff, dirt and buildup; and it will also help with lice problem. It contains hair nourishing ingredients like tea tree oil, silk proteins and vitamin E.  Conditioner will complement all the benefits of the shampoo and also will make your hair silky and smooth. (ebay)

HoneySkin Tea Tree Shampoo and Conditioner – this set will help you with dry and itchy scalp; will revitalize your hair and aid in protecting against any bacterial or fungal growth. It contains Manuka honey, apple stem cells and tea tree oil.


tea tree oil for dandruff


Let’s admit – it is awesome to have nice, healthy, clear skin. However, sometimes we are faced with challenges and our skin might upset us.  Please, do not give up, there are solutions to your challenges and answers to your questions.  Tea tree oil might seem such a basic, simple ingredient, but it really works and has been working for ages for people.  Give it a try and let your skin transform to a skin of your dreams.

As with any transformation – you need to be patient and not to expect results over night or even within a week. Remember, our skin is a result of our lifestyle and health.  However, if you put your effort to healthy choices and the right care products – your skin will respond gratefully.

In the next blog post I will share recipes of natural homemade skin products with tea tree oil that you can easily make yourself.

Please, leave me a comment or a question and I will be happy to chat.


Stay beautiful!!!!

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