Carrot Extract and Carrot Serum Against Skin Dullness

No doubt carrots have many benefits for our skin, hair and health. Carrots are loaded with vitamin A and C that boost your immune system, improve eye health and remove free radicals from your body.

Carrots are also becoming a favorite skin care ingredient in variety of extracts, serums, masks and oils. And for many good reasons too.

Amazing carrot benefits for skin

Carrot extract has Anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and antibacterial properties.

Anti-inflammatory – this property helps to reduce redness, inflammation on the skin; it calms “angry” sensitive skin.

Antibacterial – this property assists in preventing and fighting acne.

Anti-oxidant delivery – that property removes free radicals in assist in skin brightening and whitening.

What does carrot do to your face?

Because of its benefits carrot extract is responsible for:

Increased cell turnover – carrots contain beta carotin, precursor to vitamin A. Carrot extract increases cells regeneration. As a result you will notice younger, healthier and brighter skin. Many people, who find retinol to be too harsh for their skin, have good results with Vitamin A.

Delivery of Antioxidants to your skin – the beta carotin in carrots is a very powerful antioxidant. Antioxidants are responsible for removing free radicals. That causes skin whitening, brightening and removal of sun and age spots.

Things to watch when using carrot extact

  1. First of all, as with any ingredient, you might have individual intolerance or even allergies to the ingredient. Although it is very rare, but you always have to be mindful when using new products.
  2. Carrot contains beta carotin which give carrots that bright yellow-orange colour. If you use beta carotin too often and too much, you might notice that your skin turns yellow. That actually happened to me when I was overdoing it with carrot juice. My skin got yellow-orangy appearance. It was kind of creepy lol. But no worries, once I stopped drinking orange juice, my skin returned to its pale pinky tone.
  3. Using products with carrot extracts won’t turn your skin to yellow per say, but it could happened. Especially if you use carrot serum and then go under bright sun. So be aware of this side effect.

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April Skin Carrot Serum

This serum has very good reviews by skin care bloggers. People talk about this carrot serum being suitable for combination and oily skin.

View this post on Instagram

[#Gifted for review] Carrots in a serum? – Yes, it’s a thing and my skin is loving the addition of this ingredient to my morning skin care routine. I decided one of the most sensible things to do right now for transitioning into Autumn/Winter, is to apply a thicker/tacky serum rather than the watery ones I was using just a month ago. Again, for reference, my skin is sensitive & oily – so in the colder seasons (which let’s face it, is 3/4 of the year in the UK) I need to prevent dehydration just a like drier skin types. However I still need to be careful about applying products which are heavy so to speak. In other words, I need a sticker serum to balance out my skin without overloading it with dense creams. Do you follow or am I loosing you? I’m waffling, so let me just say a few things about the Aprilskin Real Carrot Blemish Clear Serum 🥕… • It’s made with Carrot seed oil (10,000ppm), carrot water (1ppm) & carrot proteins (30ppm). • It’s non-comedogenic. • Provides skin brightening effects to improve the appearance of blemishes. • Aims to create a smooth complexion. If we consider immediate effects then this serum gives that commonly desired sheer glow or sheen to skin without pearlescent pigments like a primer would or even some other emulsified serums. Although, I wouldn’t say this could be used in a replacement to a primer as it doesn’t fill pores. Some people reading this may think it’s irrelevant for me to be comparing this serum to nature of primers. The reason why I mentioned this point is because some people are trying to apply less products to their face to prevent maskne; therefore more than ever people seek to use skin care as a replacement to makeup or certain steps within a makeup regime (e.g. primers). Regardless, this serum is brilliant for combination and oily skin types this season. It balances skin and doesn’t encourage excess sebum production. It’s fast absorbing for convenience in the morning or simply for those who don’t like residue after applying skin care.

A post shared by Emma 🥀 Sapphire Roses (@sapphireroses_) on

You can purchase April Skin Carrot Serum on Amazon.

 Allurials 100% Carrot Seed Oil

Very affordable product that is loaded with beneficial components.

You can use this carrot oil on both your skin and hair. People see amazing results such as fading of wrinkles and smoothing of fine lines. Skin looks more plumped and moisturized. Scars become less visible.

Age and sun spots appeared less visible.

Most people noted results after a week.

You can buy this 100% carrot oil on Amazon

40 Carrots Vitamin Serum

Affordable facial serum that has amazing reviews. It will make you skin looking bright, glowing and refreshed. Check out reviews.

carrot benefits skin make your skin glowing and beautiful

I’ve used it for about 5 months so I can def see the changes in my skin. When I initially used it, I feel like I broke out a little more and new pimples popped up sooner in my acne prone areas on my face (chin and cheeks). I used this serum every morning and after a week, my skin would start flaking off a lot more often. After about 2 months though my skin started clearing up after my pimples recovered. Either my skin went through a purging cycle or it was slightly irritated at first, but now my skin looks great and more brighter in appearance! For thr price I paid, it’s a pretty good deal for the long term but if your sensitive or using too many harsh products at once, your skin might react harshly like mines did at first. (Influenster)

You can purchase 40 Carrot Vitamin Serum at Amazon.

SKINFOOD Carrot Carotene Daily Mask Sheet

Daily sheet masks that relief redness, reduce irritation and moisturize your skin.

You can get it from AMAZON


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