5 essential makeup items – minimalist makeup bag

Essential make up items

Lately I became drawn to minimalist lifestyle and made some major changes to my wardrobe as well as cosmetic bag.  I also love doing short 2-3 day local trips and packing minimalist style helps to travel with less stress and packing/unpacking.

I discovered very unusual beauty products that provide me with full make up and yet occupy very minimal space in my travel bag.  In fact I only take 5 items:  DD or BB cream, eye shadow with eye liner (2 in 1), mascara, eye brows makeup kit and lipstick.

1) Lou Mes’I Eye shadow (eye liner cream). Eye shadow with eye liner, brush and tiny mirror (it is like 4 in 1 ☺)

make up eye liner cosmetic eye shadow make up eye liner cosmetic eye shadow make up eye liner cosmetic eye shadow

AliExpress.com Product – Loumesi eyeliner + eye shadow 2 in 1 eye Makeup Eye Shadows Cream easy to carry 6 different colors free shipping

I ordered 2 of those because I wanted 2 different shadow tints; I ordered tint #2 and #4.  Tint #2 is a brighter one and I use it for a daytime make up.  Tint #4 is darker and works perfectly for an evening look.  On seller’s page both tints look as if they have orange colour in them, but in real life there is no orange hint at all.

Seller’s description

Eyeshadow eyeliner: Enhance the three-dimension sense of the eye; the eye puffiness effectively modified; Pearl effect.  

Product specification: 10 gr 3 gr

Suitable for any skin type.

Shelf life: 3 years

make up eye liner cosmetic eye shadow

Eyeliner is easily applied with tiny brush which is works perfectly for the purpose; eyeliner lasts me the whole day and I do not do any corrections throughout the day.  There is no chipping, no messing up, no fading.  Brush is small, well designed, retractable.

2) Imagic professional cosmetics.  Giant brush perfect mascara

best mascara affordable

AliExpress.com Product – IMAGIC Brand Mascara Maquillage Curling Mascara Waterproof Fiber Mascara Makeup Lash Eyelashes Double

Price: $3.48 US

This mascara is simply the best lashes lengthening mascara on a budget.

Seller description

100% brand new and high quality.
Waterproof and long-lasting,can keep your makeup for a whole day.
Easy to carry and you can check your makeup whenever and wherever.
4 colors are available now,easy to match different make-up style.
With the comb brush, you can precisely coat each lash with creating a long,separated fan of lashes.
Shaping you eyelashes into outrageously curves.
Suitable for professional salon and house use.

Net Weight:8g
Package weight:35
Product size:3.1*2.6*12.8cm

Package including:
1x IMAGIC-EY307 Giant Brush Mascara

Mascara brush is giant as noted on manufacturer box and product description.  Brush is made out of silicone but it is very soft an does not hurt eyes.  Mascara is easy to apply; it dries out very fast; it is waterproof and lasts all day, no chipping.  It does not stick eye lashes together; visibly increases lashes’ volume and length

3) BB  or  DD cream

bb cream    dd cream

AliExpress.com Product – Hot Sale BB Cream Matte Effect HD.High-Definition Natural Perfect Cover for Face CC Cream Long Lasting 12 Hours SPF15

Price: $4.99 US

AliExpress.com Product – New DD Cream Makeup Skin Care + Make UP Korean Cosmetics Whitening Concealer Upgrade BB Cream 30g Maquiagem Y5 WD2

Prices: $4.15 US

I prefer using BB or DD cream over foundation due to my oily skin.  I also like light weight texture and SPF containing ingredients.  You can read  review of my favourite tinted moisturizers by following this link.


4) Marc Jacobs Beauty Le Marc Lip Creme Lipstick

I love this lipstick. It is a matte type of lipstick, but what I love about it that it does not make my lips feel dry.  I hate this dry feeling on my lips and it is one of the reasons I do not wear matte lipstick on a daily basis (until I discovered this one).  This lipstick lasts long time and can survive through drinking coffee or even having dinner☺.  You can check order this lipstick on amazon in variety of shades.

Price: $13.99 US


5) Ucanbe Professional Eye Brow Makeup 2 Colour

eye brows make up

AliExpress.com Product – Eyebrow Powder ,Eye Brow Shadow with Brush 2 color eyebrow cake makeup Free Shipping

Price: $2.34 US

It is a very good eye brow kit, especially considering the price.  Seller has 4 colour sets available; I ordered set #2 and I find it to be the most natural.  Colours are exactly as claimed by the seller.  The brush is very good quality and shapes eyebrows perfectly.  Brows look natural.  Makeup stays all day long, no need to reapply.

This is my minimalist makeup collection.  Please, share this page if you like it.  Enjoy!











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