Whipped Body Butter – Recipe

whipped shea butter recipe

Making your own whipped body butter is a mesmerizing process. I love mixing different ingredients and see the final result. It also feels satisfying knowing that my body butter has all the components I want it to have.

Although it is not really hard to make a body butter, there are still some things you should watch for to end up with smooth product without air bubbles.

Let’s start.

Determine your skin type

I know that you are probably just looking for a recipe for body butter, however, I really would like to stress how important it is to make a product that suits your skin type.

It will help you to pick the right ingredients for your product.

Normal skin

Butters: shea butter, mango, cocoa and palm.

Oils: almond, apricot kernels, olie, avocado, hemp and macadamia oils.

how to make body butter

Combination and Oily Skin

You would want to use lighter, fast absorbing oils and butters that won’t clog your pores.

Butter: shea, bassau,

Oils: grape seed, hazelnut, jojoba oils, hemp.

Sensitive and Dry Skin

As long as you do not any personal allergies and sensitivities, any butter and oil will be good for you.

For oily skin whipped oils should be used carefully, I would advise – only to protect the skin from dry air and frost, and only on wet skin.

body butter recipe

How to Make Body Butter

Once you know your skin type, then thinks of what kind of consistency your want your product to be.

– If you like very nutritious care and a fairly firm consistency, use 100% butter.

– if you like thick, but soft oil, opt to 70% of butter to 30% liquid oil combination.

– If you like soft, almost runny oils, then opt to 50% of butter and 50% of oil combination.

In my case I prefer soft butter, so I usually mix butters and oils in 70%-30% or 60%-40% proportions.

Adding essential oils to your products

Adding essential oils to your skin care items can really enhance products’ benefits. Healthline.com has a very good article about essential oils and their effects on our skin.

Body Butter Recipe

how to make body butter

We are going to follow the steps of making basic whipped shea butter recipe. I think I already mentioned that I often use shea butter in my products: it is not comedogenic (does not clog pores), and it makes my skin very smooth.

Recipe for whipped body butter

This is a very basic body butter recipe. We would want to work on our technique of melting, mixing and whipping our butter so we can master it. In the next post we will try different recipes.

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– 4 tablespoons of butter of your choice (you can combine different butters)

– 2 tablespoons of liquid oil; you can combine different oils

– 5-10 drops of essential oils of your choice (optional)

– 1 teaspoons of vitamin E (optional)

We’ll also need:

-hand blender of mixer

– bowl

– spoon or spatula

-glass jar

So let’s do it!

1. Measure butter/butters

2. Melt butters. You can do it 2 ways: a) melt it in microwave in 20-30 sec intervals; b)use double boiler and melt butter there.

It is very important not to boil butter for a couple of reasons: a) overheating could reduce benefits of butters 2) boiling will cause air bubbles in your final product and it won’t be as smooth.

Set butter mixture aside and let cool.

3. Meanwhile, measure and mix your oils.

4. If your butter mixture became solid, soften for 5-10 seconds in a microwave. Mixture should be soft, but not runny.

5. Add essential oils if you wish.

6. Start whipping butter mixture. It will start resembling a whipped cream.

7. Gradually (this is very important) start adding liquid oils. Add a table spoon and whip, then add another one and whip. Pause after you add 5-6 spoons and check the consistency. Make sure your mixture does not become too runny. If it is still too thick, continue adding oils one by one whipping well after each one.

8. That is it, you smooth, soft butter is ready.

9. Transfer butter in an air tight container.

I made a short video where I am making a basic whipped body butter.

Note, that this butter does not contain any preservatives. That is why use dedicated wooden spoon or even popsicle stick to scoop desired amount of butter. This way you will not introduce unwanted organism into your beauty butter.

Shelf life is up to 8 months.

Important: keep your butter from direct sun light. Oils will melt under direct sun. In addition it will shorten your product’s shelf life.

Do not be afraid to experiment with your homemade products. Natural body butter will nourish your skin, protect it from UV rays and dryness. It will make your skin so soft and gentle. Pamper your skin and give your skin will-deserved care.

Stay beautiful!!!!

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