Hair Botox Treatment or Keratin Treatment: Which One is For You?

What is Botox Hair Treatment?

Hair Botox Keratin Treatment

People often confuse hair botox treatment with Botox – botulinum injection treatments used for various medical and anti-aging procedures  Botox injections relax muscles thus eliminating wrinkles.  Hair botox treatment is completely different story.

In fact botox hair treatment does not contain  botulinum toxin.  It contains amino acids,  antioxidants, silk and wheat protein, caviar oil, omega-3 and collagen complex as well as many other vitamins; hair botox is used as an effective moisturizing and restorative hair treatment.

What is Keratin Treatment?

Keratin treatment, naturally, contains keratin, and people often call it “liquid hair” as 2/3 of human hair consists of keratin. If hair lacks keratin, it becomes fragile, dull and frizzy.  Keratin is lost with aging but also through consistent dying, straightening and other invasive manipulations.  Keratin treatment restores keratin in hair thus promoting hair health and even growth.


Botox treatment: free of chemicals

Keratin treatment: contains formaldehyde.  Formaldehyde is toxic and is classified as a suspected human carcinogen


Botox treatment: not recommended for expecting mothers

Keratin treatment: not recommended for expecting or lactating mothers and children under 12 years old.  People  sensitive skin, seborrheic dermatitis, eczema or psoriasis should avoid keratin treatment

Side effects of Hair botox and Keratin Treatment:

Botox treatment: overproduction of scalp oil; allergic reactions

Keratin treatment: skin and eye irritations due to harsh chemicals, allergic reactions; formaldehyde is a known carcinogen with long-lasting harmful effects; that is why applying keratin treatment too often can cause dry and brittle hair reversing the whole beautifying purpose of procedure

Hair botox and Keratin treatment are recommended for:

Botox treatment: all types of hair: curly, straight, grey, blonde, etc.  It is best for long damaged hair with split ends; frizzy, dull and brittle hair.  Botox has an amazing effect for blonde hair as it removes yellowish tint

Keratin treatment: thick, curly and unmanageable hair

Hair botox and Keratin treatment are NOT recommended for:

Botox treatment: not suitable for regularly dyed, permed or straightened hair; also not recommended if you blow dry your hair regularly

Keratin treatment: super fine, thin or straight hair; not recommended for damaged hair

Application at home:

Botox treatment: very easy to do treatment at home, treatment at home can last anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes

Keratin treatment: hard to do at home.  You cannot wash your hair for 3 days after application of the treatment.  Treatment is very lengthy and can take up to 4 and more hours

How long do results last?

Botox treatment: results last for about 4 weeks to 2 months

Keratin treatment: results last anywhere from 1.5 to 6 months (depends on hair type and products that are used after treatment)

What is after treatment care?

Botox treatment: regular shampoo and conditioner but sulfate-free preferred

Keratin treatment: sulfate-free products only

Which treatment has more straightening effect?

Botox treatment: has less straightening effect then keratin treatment.  Botox is mainly used for rejuvenation and hair nourishment

Keratin treatment: has very strong straightening effect

How do both treatments affect hair volume?

Botox treatment: does not affect hair volume

Keratin treatment: reduces hair volume

Which treatment has a higher cost?

Botox treatment: higher cost than keratin treatment

Keratin treatment: cheaper than botox treatment

Let’s summarize: after performing keratin or botox treatment your hair will look beautiful, straight, smooth, glowing and alive.  Keratin treatment has stronger straightening effect and suits better for very curly hair.  However, keratin treatment contains harmful chemicals including formaldehyde which is classified as a suspected human carcinogen.  I tried formaldehyde-free keratin treatment at home and to be honest did not see any results although I was following the instructions.

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You could purchase either treatment on eBay.

Hair botox products:


Chelly Treatment Botox4Hair Capillary Rejuvenating System 

• Zero CH2O, Formaldehyde FREE.

•Enriched with a blend of oils and Amino Acids.

•Hydrating and mosturizing action.

•Restoring the hair fiber.

•Neutralizes the undesirable yellowish tone that grows over time in blond hair.


hair botox versus keratin treatment

Hair Botox Treatment  Felps Professional

  • Can be used on previously coloured and keratin treated hair
  • Unique formula based on Ojon and Macadamia oil
  • Keeps the hair aligned , nourished, strong, healthy and frizz-free
  • You can wash your hair only one hour after the treatment
  • Results last up to 3 months


Keratin Hair Products:

Keratin Treatment

Pure Brazilian Keratin Hair Straightening Treatment 100 ml Blow Dry+Shampoo Kit


– Heals
– Repairs
– Moisturizes
– Protects damaged hair
– Eliminates frizzy hair
– Reduces hair volume
– Make hair more shiny
–  Straightening hair

Pure Brazilian Keratin Hair Straightening Treatment 100 ml Blow Dry+Shampoo Kit

Keratin Treatment

COCOCHOCO Gold Brazilian Keratin Hair Straightening Treatment


–      Straighten & Smoothes with a glossy look

–      Makes hair ultra-strong, nourished

–      Rebuilds damaged hair and protect against harmful sun radiation and moist

Original is Suitable for:

Dark, thick, frizzy, Curly, rough, dull, heavily damaged hair dyed in various shades

Gold is suitable for:

Any type of hair include damaged, unruly hair dyed in various shades

Pure is suitable for:

Blonde, Thin, frizzy, curly, bleached, damaged and weakened hair with chemical treatments


You could try both treatments at home and see which one suits you better.


Stay beautiful!!!


Hair Botox and Keratin Treatment both fight freezy and brittle hair. They are both designed to make hair look straight, healthy and shiny. So, the big question is: which treatment to chose and which treatment is the best for you!

hair botox keratin treatment


hair botox keratin treatment

Hair botox keratin treatment

12 thoughts on “Hair Botox Treatment or Keratin Treatment: Which One is For You?

  1. I was wondering about both treatments. Thank you it has cleared my head now , I am more educated about the treatments.

      1. This was very Useful thanks for sharing. I was wondering if both products could be applied on My hair due to straight for Keratin and moisture and shine with Botox maybe 2 months apart?

        1. Hi, Heidi. You could do use both treatments 2 months apart. However, why don’t just to hair botox? In my opinion it is safer for your hair (if you use treatment that is formaldehyde-free).

  2. Thank You so much for such a detailed review.
    I could not find any review better than this .

    God bless you as I was very confused ,either I should get keratin treatment or not.

  3. Hi! Thank you for this fab review. I have been doing hair botox for a year now. However, as a side effect, I get a rusty, orange tint in my hair which I absolutely hate. I have dark brown hair and I dye my hair as I have grey strands all over. Any advice on what I can do to eliminate the rust or to avoid it in the future?

    1. Hi, Sonia. Honestly, I cannot answer this question. I am not a hairdresser. I would connect with someone who works in the field and ask this question. Good luck.

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