ABIB Gummy Sheet Mask Milk Sticker – Review

Abib sheet mask moisturizing and hydrating

Sheet masks are an amazing addition to your skin care routine. They are easy to use, usually loaded with amazing ingredients that will moisturize, nourish, hydrate and brighten your skin.

Sheet masks often have anti-aging, lifting and revitalizing properties as well.

In other words, there is an abundance of very effective and powerful masks on the market.

Having such a wide variety of options in products is good – because you can always find something that suits you. However, it could be also overwhelming – which mask would you pick? Which one is really good for your skin needs?

I would like to offer you a review of one of my favourite masks: Gummy sheet mask – Milk sticker by Korean company Abib.

Abib Korean Cosmetic Company

This is the first product that I’ve ever tried from this company. To be honest, I’ve never even heard about it before, and I do not see many people talking about it. That is why I wanted to tell you a bit about the company.

The word “Abib” means “the first moon” and company’s mission is too extract as many useful elements from pure ingredients as possible.

I took the following statement from company’s website. It explains the focus of the company when developing skin care products:

“1. Increase the self-generating power of skin
2. Prevent skin from toxic ingredients and remove
3. Slow the aging process
4. Induce removal of dead skin cells and increase the defensive power against external stimulus.” (https://en.abib.co.kr/shopinfo/brand.html)

Company also points out that it takes its packaging seriously and does extensive research to make sure that packaging material will not ruin ingredients of a product.

Company also aims for minimalistic design.

Gummy Sheet Mask – Milk Sticker

As I mentioned this is the very first product I bought from this company. Right now I am waiting for another 2 masks to arrive and will post my reviews as soon as I test them.

Description of the mask

As per manufacturer, this mask “Provides moisture to rough skin and gives it radiance and nourishment. It also helps keep the skin smooth and soft.”

This mask contains unique ingredients: milk protein, hence the mask name “milk sticker”

Major ingredients of the mask

Ingredients of hydrating and moisturizing sheet mask Abib milk sticker

Niacinamide – is a form of vitamin B-3. It is a water-soluble vitamin that brings a huge variety of benefits for your skin. It strengthens protective skin barrier and also helps to retain skin moisture. It visibly minimizes skim pores, improves uneven skin tone, brightens skin and diminishes dullness. It is a very good alternative to retinols and vitamin C, and you can use all year around (unlike retinol that is not recommended for use during summer).

Milk protein -this is a signature ingredients of this mask. Studies shows that milk protein increases skin hydration and moisture retention (no wonder that my skin feels so hydrated after I use this mask). It also repairs outer skin barrier, nourishes and rejuvenates the skin.

Paeonia Suffruticosa Root Extract – nourishing and anti-inflammatory ingredient, reduces redness and irritation of the skin.

Centella Asiatica Extract (gotu kola) – is a very potent healing ingredient. It heals wounds and cuts, acne scars. It also calms skin redness and inflammation. It is widely used in acne treatment.

Chamomile Flower Extract – oh, the wonderful chamomile. I dedicated the full blog post (even two, if you count a whole post about homemade skin care products with chamomile) to this amazing ingredient. It heals, moisturizes, calms red, irritated skin. It also can brighten dull skin tone and lighten darker complexion.

Pyrus Malus (Apple) Seed extract – has several function in cosmetics: first, it thickens liquid substance; second it is full of antioxidants which erase dark spots and reverse sun damage.

Witch Hazel Extract – this extract is often used in cosmetics as astringent, meaning it can tighten the skin. It contains tannins, that reduce swelling, help repair broken skin (including damaged protective skin barrier) and fight acne causing bacteria.

Allantoin – you will find this ingredient in the comfrey plant. This extract protects and soothes skin. Read label of your anti-aging products, I bet you will notice allantoin among active ingredients (allantoin is awesome for aging skin).

Sodium Hyaluronate – famous moisturizing ingredient, that keeps your skin smooth and hydrated; reduces appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

centall asiatica as anti inflammatory and healing extract for skin

As you can see this is quite an impressive list of moisturizing, calming and nourishing ingredients.

How to use the mask

You use this mask as any other sheet mask.

  1. Remove all your make up and wash your face.
  2. Apply skin toner.
  3. Remove mask from the pouch, remove blue insert and apply mask firmly to your face; try to strengthen all mask’s creases.
  4. Relax for 15-20 min.
  5. Remove the sheet off the face and discard.
  6. You do not have to wash off mask’s essence.
  7. Apply moisturizer and follow with either night cream or overnight sleeping mask.

Caution when using this mask

1) Do not let serum get into your eyes; if it happened, wash off your eyes with warm water;

2) Always perform a skin patch test, especially if you have sensitive and reactive skin;

To perform a skin patch test, take a small amount of mask’s essence on a small area of the skin and wait for 12-24 hours. If you do not have any inflammatory reaction, then you can go ahead and use this product safely.

3) Keep out of reach of children

4) Avoid direct sun after using the mask, because it can increase skin sensitivity.

My Impression of Abib Milk Sticker Mask

  • I really, really like the base of the mask – the sheet itself. It is made of very soft material and stick to my skin firmly (without pulling it). I can even walk around in this mask without worrying that it will slide off my face.
  • The mask has very pleasant fruity-herbal smell.
  • Although the name states “milk sticker” the essence is clear in colour.
  • I noticed a very definitive improvement in my skin hydration after even a single use.
  • I noticed more even skin tone, less dullness and more glow.
  • Overall it is a very good, solid mask that I will purchase over and over again.

You can get this mask from few places:

Amazon: Abib Gummy Sheet Mask 10 sheets (Milk Sticker)

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