How to Use Aloe Vera for Face and Acne

Use aloe Vera gel as moisturizer for oily skin.  You can also make your own gel and learn how to make Aloe Vera cream for skin.  It will treat acne,  brighten your skin and moisturize it.

There are several types of aloe plant  that have many useful properties.  However, Aloe Vera is the most widely used one in cosmetics and medicine. It can regenerate and heal your wounds and skin scars and blemishes.

You can find cosmetic products that contain 99% of Aloe Vera gel, so you can enjoy benefits of this wonderful plant to the fullest.

Uses of Aloe Vera in Medicine:

  • Aloe Vera contains vitamins, tannins, carotenoids, flavonoids and different enzymes that make aloe very beneficial as a food additive.
  • Anti-inflammatory properties make aloe useful in treating a wide variety of diseases like tonsillitis, pharyngitis, stomatitis and other inflammation in the mouth.
  • Anti-bacterial properties make the plant useful in treatment of variety bacterial, fungal and even viral infections.
  • Aloe Vera assists in treatments of ulcers and burns (including sun burns).
  • Aloe calms skin irritation which makes it an amazing additive when treating dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis and allergic reactions.
  • When taking internally, Aloe vera can treat constipation and even Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

aloe vera hair mask

Aloe Vera Benefits for Skin

  • Aloe Vera moisturizes very dry, dehydrated skin;
  • Plant’s anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties heal allergic rashes; calm skin that suffers from eczema and psoriasis;
  • Anti-bacterial properties make aloe an ingredient of choice when treating acne, pimples and pustules;
  • Healing and regenerating abilities of the plant make it useful in treating cracks, scars and other skin lesions and wounds;
  • Aloe Vera will help whiten and brighten dull skin; it will fade age and sun spots and other hyperpegmintation;
  • Extract from Aloe Vera is widely used in anti-ageing products due to plant’s ability to rehydrate the skin and make wrinkles and fine lines less visible; moisturized skin always looks smooth and plumped;
  • Because of anti-fungal properties,  Aloe Vera is perfect in treatment of dandruff and flaky scalp skin;
  • Aloe Vera is suitable for all skin types.

Who should not be using Aloe Vera

There are not specific contraindications when using Aloe Vera.  However, we cannot rule out individual allergic reaction that some people might have (although it is extremely rare).

People with allergies to garlic, onions and tulips show tendencies to be allergic to aloe vera as well.

So, it is always advisable to perform a path test when you consider a skin product that you are not familiar with.

Some people also cannot tolerate Aloe Vera Juice, me including.  I felt very unwell whet I started taking the juice to improve my overall health. 

If you decided to take Aloe Vera internally, then read product’s label and make yourself familiar with side effects. Discontinue using the product immediately if you start experiencing any discomfort.

Also, as a general rule, do not use any supplements aloe including when you are pregnant and/or breastfeeding.  Always consult with your doctor before taking any vitamins or supplements during this time.

Let’s look at the chemical composition of this wonderful plant. 

Aloin  is the main substance that effectively protects the skin from ultraviolet radiation;

Pectin – retains moisture, that is why Aloe Vera gel is extremely hydrating to our skin;

Carotenoids – contribute to the improvement of skin complexion and tone;

Polyphenols – antioxidants that stop bacteria growth; this assists in reducing acne causing bacteria and faster wound healing (including wounds from acne);

Tannins give Aloe Vera anti-bacterial properties; they are powerful ingredient in fighting bacterial acne and pustules;

Vitamins A, B12, C and E – nourish the skin, keeping it young and supple;

Organic acids – contribute to skin rejuvenation;

Mineral salts – these salts help to prevent swelling and puffiness of the skin;

Trace elements – help the absorption of vitamins; and also help to improve blood circulation and skin oxygenation.

If you prefer to make your own skincare products, follow this post where I post recipes of DIY aloe vera beauty products.

aloe vera face wash

Layering aloe vera containing skincare products

Let’s explore beauty products with Aloe Vera while layering our skincare products in our daily routine.  I am a strong advocate for layering skincare products.  It completely transformed my skin in the last 2 years and I really hope that it would help you too.

In my opinion, layering products helps with:

  • effective cleansing when you remove skin impurities and dirt without destroying outer protective skin layer;
  • brightening dull skin tone; dull greyish skin tone makes us look old and unhealthy;
  • fighting acne, blackheads, and pimples;
  • hydration, hydration, hydration! I strongly believe that proper hydration is the key to young, healthy, glowing look.

However, you should always “listen” to your skin and do not overdo it with products.  For example, I know that my combination skin does not need moisturizer or cream in the morning during summer times.  If I put this extra layer, my skin becomes to oily, feels congested and suffocated. 

Aloe Vera products during summer

Aloe Vera containing products are perfect during hot summer months when you do not want to put too many layers of products on your skin.  You see, aloe vera is mostly used in a gel form in skincare.  That is why products that have the highest concentration of aloe vera come in gel form.

Gels are very lightweight, they do not leave any sticky residue on your skin and absorbed very well.

Aloe Vera products during winter

During winter time I would not recommend using aloe vera gel before going outside.  If you read my post about winter skincare, you will learn that you should not use hydrating and moisturizing products before going out to the cold.   Water in your moisturizing products can freeze while you are outside and damage outer layer of your skin.

Having said that, aloe vera gel is excellent during winter months when you stay indoors.  It will moisturize your dehydrated skin and will reduce redness and irritation caused by heaters and extreme outdoor weather.

(This post contains affiliate links.  That means that if you make a purchase, I might receive a small commission at no extra cost to you)

It is very important for you to know your skin type and chose products accordingly.  I go deeply in details about different skin types in THIS BLOG POST.   You can also subscribe to my FREE Skin Basics e-book and FREE Worksheet that will help you track your skincare products for morning and evening routines.

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1.     Cleansing

Holika Holika Aloe Vera Soothing Cleansing Gel – this gel contains 99% of Aloe Vera gel.  It helps to sooth irritated skin while gently removing dirt and impurities.

OLEHENRIKSEN  Find Your Balance™ Oil Control Cleanser – this aloe vera face wash effectively removes excess facial oil, grime and dirt.  It does not strip off skin natural oils.  Leaves skin feeling soft and moisturized.

Absolute Organic Natural Ultra Rich Aloe Vera Cleanser – this aloe vera face wash thoroughly cleans your skin leaving it moist and refreshed.  This cleanser will nourish and protect your skin against toxic radicals that cause skin aging.

Sephora Collection Cleansing Wipes with Aloe Vera – moisturizing wipes that contain high level of water and aloe vera extract.

2.     Face toners

Your skin needs facial toners so, please, do not skip this step.   I wrote a blog post where I explain why facial toner is crucial in skin care routine.

Nature Republic Soothing and Moisturizing Aloe Vera 90% toner – an ultra-moisturizing and soothing facial toner.  It provides intense moisturizing and healing with 90% of fresh aloe vera.  The toner does not have parabens, mineral oils, benzophenone and artificial coloring.

Benton Aloe BHA Skin toner – this toner is suitable for any skin type including dry and sensitive.  With every application of this toner your skin will receive all the benefits of aloe vera plus hyaluronic acid for extra hydration.  This toner contains 0.5% of Salicylic Acid that is excellent in removing dead cells, improving skin tone and minimizing blackheads.

Pixi Glow  Exfoliating Toner With Aloe Vera & Ginseng – a resurfacing and revitalizing toner that has glycolic acid and soothing aloe vera.  This toner will quickly (and gently) counteract dullness and leave your skin beautifully luminous.

Mario Badescu Skin Care Aloe Vera Toner – ultra-gentle alcohol free face toner.  This toner reduces irritation, redness and inflammation of the skin while moisturizing and soothing.

3.   Facial Serums

Aichun Aloe Vera Serum  – this serum has high concentration of aloe vera extract with a powerful calming and moisturizing effect.

PURE AloeCare Organic Aloe Vera Vitality Hydrating Essence – this serum contains all natural and organic ingredients.  It also contains hyaluronic acid and collagen for enhanced moisturizing and firming effects.

LR Aloe Vera 24h Moisture Face Serum – lightweight and fast absorbing moisturizing serum.

aloe vera recipes

4.    Lotions, Moisturizers and Creams

Mario Badescu Aloe Lotion – Re-balance skin with a boost of soothing hydration. This mild, aloe vera face cream removes all traces of surface impurities to reveal a fresh-faced, clean complexion.​

HOLIKA HOLIKA Aloe 99% Soothing Gel – this amazing healing aloe vera moisturizer contains 99% of aloe vera extract. The soothing gel helps to relive irritated and stressed skin from harmful environmental factors or dehydration.

Etude House 99% Aloe Vera soothing gel – highly moisturizing and calming aloe gel for acne and  dehydrated skin.

5.     Aloe Vera Containing Eye Creams

The Body Shop Aloe Vera Eye Defence – this aloe vera cream has many good reviews by consumers. This cream is very gentle, very moisturizing and hypoallergenic to suit even the most sensitive skin.

Bluemei Jeju Moisture Aloe Vera Eye Cream  – firming and moisturizing eye cream.

PURE AloeCare Organic Aloe Vera Vitality Radiance Hydrating Eye Cream – suitable for very sensitive eye skin, delivers hydration, promotes cell regeneration and improves skin elasticity.

SHVYOG Under Eye Patches – 30 Pairs | Aloe Vera Hydrating Eye Mask Patches – Natural aloe vera help grow smooth and soft eye skin. Boasting over 75 vitamins and antioxidants, it can relieves puffiness or wrinkles, fine lines or dark circles, this under eye mask is exactly what you need for brighter, smoother, younger eyes.

aloe vera eye patches for hydration and moisture

6.    Face Masks with Aloe Vera

Eunyul Aloe Sheet Mask – restore and moisturize your skin.

Nature Republic Face Mask – soothing and repairing mask with aloe vera extract.

Benton Aloe Soothing Mask – recommended for sensitive, dry and problematic skin.  This mask is soaked in aloe vera extract; it will sooth, calm and moisturize troubled skin making it smooth and glowing.

benton aloe soothing mask pack

DR. JART+ Dermask Water Jet Soothing Hydra Solution – this hydrating cellulose sheet mask is suitable for any skin type.  This mask is made with fine cellulose fiber to help active ingredients provide ultimate hydration. It contains aquaxyl and xylitol to enhance moisture retention and support the skin’s barrier by preventing water loss. Aloe vera and phytonicdes provide cooling relief to soothe redness, blemishes, and sun burns while the formula removes impurities to keep skin looking and feeling calm and refreshed.” (

8.    Overnight Aloe Vera Face Pack

Overnight masks should be used 1-2 times a week.  You apply the mask before going to bed and wash off in the morning.  Night sleeping pack is different from night cream.   I wrote very informative post about difference between overnight sleeping mask and night cream.  You can read it HERE.

Nature Republic Real Squeeze Aloe Vera Sleeping Pack – this overnight mask delivers moisture, hydration and soothing effects during the night while you are sleeping.

Innisfree Aloe Revital Sleeping pack  – contains Jeju organic aloe that gives your skin intensive moisture boost while you are sleeping.

I hope that you found information in this post useful.  I personally really love aloe vera products and often use it on my oily to combination skin (because we know, that the more your skin dehydrated, the oilier it becomes).  This inexpensive, but extremely powerful and valuable ingredient will truly transform your skin and will make it moisturized and glowing.

If you have any questions or comments, please, feel free to drop them in Comments section at the end of the page.

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  1. This is great information. You may want to consider using a cosmeceutical or skincare grade aloe vera 10X-D. It has smaller molecules so it can penetrate the skin for improved results.

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