Rosette Gommage Peeling Gel – REVIEW

Peeling gels are a gentle and safe way to exfoliate your skin.  Unlike harsh chemical peels, you can use peeling gels through the year and even if you have sensitive skin.

If you are not familiar with these types of exfoliating gels, please, follow THIS like to find out more.

Rosette Gommage  Peeling Gel is made in Japan.  Japanese peeling gels do not usually contain any enzymes.

Features of the peel:

AHA-containing gel gently clears dead skin cells.  It  will restore dull complexion to the radiant one and will leave skin smooth and shiny.  It will also increase absorption of other skin care products.

Key Ingredients

Glycerin – humectant, moisturizing

Carbomer – ingredient that causes gel to crumble once it interacts with skin oil during friction

Allantoin – anti-inflammatory, calming.

Several AHA acids: Lactic acid, Citric Acid (fruit acid) and Malic Acid (fruit acid):  these acids exfoliate your skin by dissolving dead cells on the surface.  AHAs also reduce dark spots, minimize blackheads and acne. 

Green tea extract – anti-bacterial agent, helps to reduce skin redness and inflammation; it also moisturizes the skin.

How to use this peel:

You use these Japanese gel as any other peeling gel:

1.       Cleanse your face and let dry completely.

2.       Apply to dry skin.

3.       Massage gel into your skin with gentle circular movements.

4.       Gel will start clamping into white balls (reaction between carbomer and skin oil during friction).

5.       Rinse off with warm water.

6.       Follow up with your regular skin care routine.

peeling gel for skin exfoliating, brightening skin

My impression of this peeling gel:

1.       I really like that this gel comes in a tube, so I can squeeze only the amount needed.

2.       The smell is interesting, slightly pharmaceutical, but pleasant.

3.       Gel works well and clams right away.

4.       This product did not give me any allergic or unwanted reactions. 

5.       My skin looked brighter, more radiant and felt much softer after the peeling.

My concerns

Honestly, I do not risk using this peeling gel during sunny summer months.  I mean, I understand that we wash the product off and such.  However, still, acid is able to reach deeper levels of the skin.

That means that sun can cause more damage.

I realize that the amount of acids in the product is probably very small (I was not able to find quantities of acid).  However, why risk it?

So I turn to other peeling gels during summer, the ones that do not contain any AHAs.  For example, this is my favorite summer peeling gel: 2ND Design Springy Peeling Gel.

I do use Rosette Gommage  Peeling Gel during summer, but not on my face.  I exfoliate rough body parts like heels, elbows, knees and even consider safe using the gel on my hands. 

I just do not feel comfortable using it on my face during sunny seasons.  I have no problems using it during winter times.


I would recommend this product.  I do not find anything extraordinary or exceptional about it, however, it is a very decent product to have in your stash for regular gentle skin exfoliation.

I would definitely recommend this peeling gel to exfoliate hands, feet, and elbows.

Another way to exfoliate your skin is to use Enzyme Peels. Hop over here and learn about them.

enzyme peels exfoliating your skin making it brighter and lighter

Stay beautiful!!!!!

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