2NDESIGN Springy Peeling Gel Tone Up Boost Review

Peeling gels is one of the safe and gentle was to exfoliate your skin.  If you do not know what peeling gels are, please, follow THIS link so you could read an extensive post about this type of exfoliants.

peeling gel exfoliation

Now, we are going to explore a Korean peeling gel by 2NDESIGN.

2NDESIGN is a very new brand to me and this is the only product I have by this company.

Springy Peeling Gel Tone Up Boos


According to the product annotation, the gel contains cellulose, that in contact with skin’s oil will start clamping and producing small white balls. 

Ingredients in the product will dissolve dead cells on the very surface of your skin without involving deeper skin layers.

As a result your skin tone will become brighter and smoother. 

This gel also contains trehalose, allantoin, centella asiatica extract which will effectively moisturize your skin, control skin oil production and reduce skin irritation.

What skin type this gel is suitable for?

This peel is very mild and gentle, so it is suitable for any skin type (unless you have individual intolerance to product’s ingredients).

Company claims that this gel is hypoallergenic and does not contain harmful ingredients.

Key ingredients

Treahalose – this ingredient creates a very thin breathable layer on top of the skin preventing skin moisture from escaping.

Allantoin – very famous and widely used ingredient.  It moisturizes and soothes one’s skin.

Centella Asiatica extract – you can find this extract in almost all Korean skin care products.  It kills acne-causing bacteria, reduces redness and inflammation. It also helps maintain healthy skin oil/water balance.

Green tea extract – very respected ingredient that prevents acne, calms irritated and red skin.  It also has amazing moisturizing effect.  Read more about green tea in skin care HERE.

Vitamin C and A – powerful antioxidants that brighten the skin and reduce signs of aging.

As you see, this gel has lots and lots of very good ingredients that are super beneficial for the skin.

How to use 2NDESIGN exfoliating gel

The steps in applying any peeling gel are the same:

1.       Clean your face and dry it completely.

2.       Apply gel to DRY face (it won’t work if your skin is wet).  I usually squeeze a pea-size of gel on my both cheeks and forehead.

3.       Very gently rub product into skin covering large areas.  I usually work on one area: cheeks, then chin, then forehead, then neck.

4.       You will notice that gel will start clamping into small white balls.

5.       Once you covered your all face, wash clamps off with warm water.

6.       Follow up with your usual skin care routine steps (toner, essence/serum/ampoule, creams etc).

You can repeat the procedure 2 times a week.   This type of peeling is safe all year around.

How to use peeling gel

My impression of the product

If you read my blog, you would’ve noticed that I like point form writing.  I find it is right to the point and easier to read.  So, I am going to list points that I liked or did not like about this gel.

1.       Gel comes in a large tube with very minimalistic design, which I adore. 

2.       Gel is clear, has a slight pleasant smell.

3.       Gel goes onto skin smoothly, starts clamping within seconds after I start rubbing.

4.       I did not have any allergic reaction; no redness, swelling, irritation or inflammation.

5.       The product delivered results as promised: my skin feels clean and “breathing” without drying and pulling effect. 

6.       Skin looks brighter and lighter.

7.       It feels smooth and soft. 

Dislikes: honestly, I do not have any.  This is not the cheapest product, however, the tube is very large and even if you use product 2 times a week, it will last you for 3-4 months.


Yes, I would recommend this product to anyone, and I will buy it again without hesitation.

Stay beautiful

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