9 DIY Face Masks for Teenagers

It is a hard to be a teenager. This is a time of global changes in the body, adjustments and preparations for adult life. A real hormonal storm occurs in the adolescent body, when a young person is experiencing deep turmoil at the physiological and emotional level.

It is at this time that the formation of the skin type occurs, and the hormonal system moves to a new, adult level.

Why do teenagers have acne and blackheads?

diy masks for oily skin

Almost every second teenager suffers from a variety of skin problems: inflammation, purulent acne, blackheads and pimples.

There are several main reasons for that:

  • As a normal function our sebaceous glands secrete sebum (skin oil). This oil prevents our skin from drying; it also creates a protective outer layer, that keeps moisture from escaping the skin.
  •   Also, cells on the surface of our skin dye every 21 days (approximately) and new cells replace them. Dead cells are usually washed away.
  • However, if those dead cells are not removed from the surface they can go into pores and clog them
  • During adolescence times people produce skin oil at a higher rate due to activation of some hormones. This excess of sebum also clogs pores.
  • The combination of two: dead cells and excess skin oil contributes to acne, pimple, pustule and blackhead formation.
  • Girls in teenage years use a lot of cosmetics, foundations, skin powders that also clog pores and can contribute to skin irritation and acne formation
  • During adolescence androgen level in both girls and boys increases; that causes aggravation and irritation of the skin.
  • It is generally hard to explain to teenagers the importance of proper skin care and hygiene . And try explaining to them how crucial it is to use proper skin care products (I have two teenagers, what a struggle ☺)
  • Add to this the lack of vitamins, fatigue (teenagers love doing their most important assignments a night before they are due; even though they knew about those assignments weeks in advance), improper diet and inadequate rest and here goes a teenager with irritated, exhausted skin full of acne and blackheads.

Face masks for teenagers

homemade masks for acne

Numerous facial masks have been created especially for young derma problems. There are skin care lines that specialize in adolescence skin care.

In this post we will be covering homemade natural facial masks, which target problematic skin. DIY face masks are an excellent addition to skin care routine for teens.

Ordinary masks will not work for problematic sensitive skin of teenagers. Teenagers do not need to target dull skin tone, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and sagging skin and so on. Mask for adolescent skin should:

1. Stop inflammatory processes;
2. Successfully fight acne and blackheads;
3. Effectively soothe irritated skin;
4. Improve skin texture and complexion;
5. Have anti-bacterial properties;
6. Gently cleanse skin and tighten pores;
7. They should be easy to prepare so impatient teenager does not run away

DO NOT apply masks to damaged skin of skin that very strong pustular inflammation.

homemade facial mask for teenagers

Some guidelines on how to prepare homemade masks for teenagers:

  • I always mention that homemade face masks should be prepared from natural organic products, so you can be sure that there are not chemicals and preservatives in your product. It is especially important for very reactive and irritated teenager skin.
  • In addition, you should do a test check for any skin reactions. Simply apply a little mass of your homemade product on your inner wrist and wait for 30 min. If there is no reaction, you could assume that this mask is safe for your skin.
  • All face masks are single use only, do not store them to avoid bacteria growth.  You do not really want to introduce it is delicate adolescent skin.  Use non-metallic containers because metal can oxidize mask mixture and it will lose its properties.
  • Cleanse skin well before applying face mask.  You could use delicate facial scrub before the mask, provided there are no open sores and no pustules with pus (popping those pustules will cause pus to spread and infect the skin).  Double-cleansing method is the best way to remove all skin impurities.
  • As a general rule, leave mask on the skin for 10-15 minutes, no longer.  Leaving mask for longer will not lead to better results.  In fact, it could contribute to more clogged pores.
  • Use DIY face mask no more than 2 times a week.  On other days you could consider using products with Beta-Hydroxy Acid (for blackheads) and Alpha- Hydroxy Acid (for acne), or retinol (acne).

Please, also see a dermatologist if you feel that skin gets out of control.   Doctor might prescribe some hormonal and strong anti-bacterial treatments to clear the skin.

Recipes of Homemade Face Masks that will help teenagers to achieve problem-free skin

1.  Cleansing and Pore-Tightening Face Mask with Instant Yeast

Yeast has an excellent cleansing action, it tightens pores and soften the face. Lemon juice brightens the face, and milk moisturizes and softens the skin.


1 packet of instant yeast (30 gr)

1/2 of teaspoon of lemon juice

2-3 table spoons of warm milk


  1. Stir yeast into warm milk and continue until you get thick, but easily spreadable mass.
  2. Add lemon juice and stir.
  3. Apply to face and wait for 15 min.

I prefer this mask when it is warm, so I really suggest you use warm milk.  In addition, yeast will dissolve much faster in warm milk.

2.   Pore unclogging and Anti-inflammatory Mask with Pink Clay

Please, read this extensive post of pink clay benefits and how to prepare masks with pink clay.

3.   Face Mask for Pimples with Kiwi and Pink Clay

Kiwi has one great trace element – magnesium, which enhances the antibacterial properties of clay. This mask cleans pores and removes dead cells. Pink clays is amazing for irritated and sensitive skin.  Egg white contributes to the extraction of blackheads, and extra virgin olive oil moisturizes the skin.


1 small fresh kiwi

1 teaspoon of olive oil

1 egg white, whipped

2-3 table spoons of pink clay


  1. Puree kiwi with a fork.
  2. Add olive oil and whipped egg white.
  3. Add clay one spoon at the time until your reach a mask mass that has consistency of sour cream.
  4. Apply to clean face for about 10-15 minutes.
  5. Wash off with lukewarm water.

pink clay benefits

4.   Anti-inflammatory and Anti-Bacterial Cherry and Potato Starch Mask

This is an amazing mask that combines unique ingredients.

Cherry contains pectin which is amazing in conditioning the skin and also has strong anti-inflammatory properties.

Potato starch acts as a super delicate exfoliator.

Orange will supply skin with vitamin C; it also has anti-bacterial properties.


6-7 large pitted cherries

1 table spoon of potato starch

½ of orange pulp

You can substitute orange pulp with orange essential oil.  In this case, add 3 drops of it.


  1. Puree cherries with a fork
  2. Mix all ingredients
  3. Apply to a clean face, wait for 10-15 min
  4. Wash off with lukewarm water

DIY mask with oats

5.   Homemade Acne Mask which also tightens pores and reduces redness

Egg white tightens pores, aloe juice controls oil production, propolis tincture also controls oil production and has anti-inflammatory properties.


1 egg white

1 tablespoon of lemon juice

1 table spoon  of aloe juice

1 teaspoon  of propolis tincture


  1. Whisk egg white to a foam
  2. Add aloe, lemon juice and propolis
  3. Carefully apply the mixture to problem areas of the skin (excluding the areas around the eyes and lips) and leave for 15 minutes
  4. Wash off with cool water

6.   Face Mask that prevents appearance of blackheads, Refreshes skin and Improves its complexion

Raw potato gently exfoliates skin, removes layer of dead cells, unclogs pores.  It also supplies your skin with load of vitamins and minerals.  That combining with yogurt will give your skin refreshes and rejuvenated look.


• 1 raw peeled potato

• 30 ml low-fat yogurt


  1. Grate potato on a fine grater, squeeze juice from a mass
  2. Add yogurt, mix well
  3. Apply a thick layer of the mask to your face
  4. Wait for about 20 minutes, then wash off the mask with water

7.    DIY Blackhead Removal Mask

This is an amazing mask, that gently exfoliates skin.  Kefir supplies skin with probiotics that support normal flora of the skin, fighting invasive acne causing bacteria.  Orange slices infuse skin with Vitamin C and anti-oxidants that together with red currants fight inflammation and redness.

homemade face masks for teenagers


1-2 orange slices, skin removed

Small handful of red currants

30 ml of kefir

2-3 tablespoons of oatmeal


  1. Chop the orange slices and berries in a blender to make a fine paste (you can also use hand blender)
  2. Add kefir and oatmeal, stir together well
  3. Apply mask to the face, wait 10-15 minutes and wash off

8.   Mask to Control Skin Oil production and Minimize Blackheads and Acne


50 g non-fat cottage cheese

3 tablespoons of natural yogurt;

• 3 drops of essential lemon oil


  1. Mix cottage cheese with yogurt until smooth
  2. Add essential oil
  3. Apply mask to the face and wait for 15 minutes
  4. Wash off with lukewarm water


The most common skin problems in adolescents are overproduction of skin oil, blackheads, acne/pimples and enlarged pores on the face. To improve the condition of the skin, it is necessary to regularly clean off impurities and develop skin care routine, that will address skin issues. Homemade face masks can contribute to a skin care routine and help teenagers to achieve healthy looking, glowing skin.

3 thoughts on “9 DIY Face Masks for Teenagers

  1. I have also used a mask for my sons skin using the following:
    1-2 mashed bananas
    1 Egg white
    Tea tree oil (a few drops)
    Blend together and leave on skin for about 15 min.

    The egg white acts as an astringent, the banana has minerals and anti inflammatory properties and the tea tree helps with it’s anti- bacterial properties.

    1. Hi, Claudia. Sounds like a very good combination of powerful ingredients. I am also amazed that your son let you put this mask on his face. Mine would run away for sure lol

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