Dr. Jart Rubber Mask Firming Lover – Review


Dr. Jart Rubber Mask Firming Lover Review



Today we are going to talk about another alginate mask by Dr. Jart Rubber Mask Firming Lover.

The beautiful pink mask promises the following: lifting effect, smoothing wrinkles, moisturizing and firming. It sounds like a dream to my aging combination type skin.

What is alginate mask?

Alginates are polysaccharides that are found in seaweed. Alginates are very unique and loved for their outstanding moisturizing properties: they attract almost 300 times more water than their weight. They come in powder form.

How do you prepare alginate mask?

You need to add water to the powder to achieve somewhat runny paste.  Then you apply this paste to your face with a spatula; apply over lips, neck, and it is desirable to apply over the eyes as well, but if you do it yourself, it is impossible.  Then you need to lie down and relax.  The paste will plasticize and will become like a rubber in about 15 min (depends on the thickness of the mask layer).

What does alginate mask do to your face?

While you are lying with the mask, many wonderful things happened: very intense skin moisturizing; nourishing skin with vitamins and minerals, as mask hardens it tightens and lifts the skin. That is why these types of masks are so loved by many people, beauticians and aestheticians.

I do at least 1 alginate mask a week and really love the results. I believe that aging or dry skin needs this hydration boosts, tightening and lifting together with vitamins and minerals.

However, there are some drawbacks in doing alginate mask at home and one of them is how messy the mask is. You also have to work very fast, because past starts hardening pretty quick after you add water to the powder.

Dr. Jart’s Rubber Mask series claims to provide us with all the benefits of alginate mask, but without all the mixing, mess and frustration. Yes, please, sign me up, lol!

There are 4 masks in the rubber mask series that address 4 skin issues: moisturizing, cleansing, smoothing and improving complexion. As per manufacturer, masks are suitable for any skin type.


I already reviewed Dr. Jart Rubber Mask Hydration Lover in the blog post HERE.


Dr. Jart Rubber Mask review


Now let’s talk about Dr. Jart Rubber Mask Firming Lover that comes in beautiful pink colour.


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As with all masks from this series, this mask consists of 2 parts: Firming Intensive Ampoule Pack and Firming Wrapping Rubber Mask.


Dr. Jart Sheet Mask


Step 1. Firming Intensive Ampule Pack

This ampoule contains a complex of amazing ingredients, which are mostly berry extracts and hyaluronic acid.

Berry extracts include raspberries, blueberries, strawberries which are very strong anti-oxidants. They clear your skin from sun damage, dark spots, slow down process of aging, improve skin elasticity, smooth wrinkles and brighten dull skin tone.

Hyaluronic acid is a famous anti-aging component that provides skin with hydration and moisture.

This ampoule also contains mango shea butter, macadamia see oil and rosemary leaf oil, which nourish your skin with fatty acids. This butter-oil complex also assists in moisturizing your skin. It creates protective layer on the outer skin, which prevents moisture in your skin from escaping.


Step 2: Firming Wrapping Rubber Mask

Even though it is called “rubber” mask, there is no actual rubber.   Algae and calcium lactate give the mask that “rubbery” feeling and consistency.   This part of the mask contains a lot of wonderful ingredients to enhance the ampoule.   So this rubbery mask contains the following:


Algin – “Also known as alginic acid, algin is derived from alginate, a naturally occurring polymer obtained from brown algae (phaecophyceae). Algin works to thicken moisturizing skincare formulas, thus providing a more desirable, spreadable texture. (Loreal https://www.lorealparisusa.com/ingredient-library/algin.aspx)

Calcium lactate – naturally found in cheese. In skincare calcium lactate enhances product’s viscosity and softens the exfoliating materials.

Porphyra Yezoensis Extract – extract of the alga, deeply conditions and softens the skin

Gelidium Cartilagineum Extract – another extract of alga which attributes to firming and lifting effect

Allantoin – allantoin is extracted from comfrey plants. It stimulates skin cells regeneration, soften and soothes even the most irritated and sensitive skin.

Hydrogenated Castor Oil – moisturizer; it helps to restore skin’s natural moisture balance and creates protective layer on the surface of the skin.

Eclipta Prostrata Extract – this plant is common to Korea. It has very strong antioxidant and calming properties which makes it an excellent choice for anti-aging and sensitive skin care.

Melia Azadirachta (Neem) Leaf Extract – Neem is very beneficial for many reasons including beauty. It has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties making it an excellent product to use when fighting acne, redness and swelling. It also keeps skin supple and healthy.

Silica – silica is a mineral that is found naturally in sandstone, clay, granite. It has anti-inflammatory properties and helps to relieve skin redness, itchiness, and even help with skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

Moringa Oleifera Seed Oil – this oil contains 72% of oleic acid. It deeply conditions skin, nourishes and moisturizes it.

Rosemary Leaf Oil – as a very strong antioxidant it is widely used in anti-aging products. This oil improves blood circulation, increases puffiness, repairs and restores tired skin.

So as you can see the list of ingredients in the mask is quite impressive and promising.


Directions to use

  1. Cleanse your face using double-cleansing method
  2. Generously apply Step 1 Ampoule pack all over your face
  3. Open Step 2 Rubber mask pouch, remove the film, place mask on your face and evenly press to attach completely. You will notice that rubber mask has 2 parts for upper and lower face. I found that applying upper part works better for me and lets spread the whole rubbery part evenly.
  4. Wait for 30-40 minutes, remove rubbery part and discard.
  5. Pat mask excess slightly into the skin and let absorb.
  6. Do not wash off the mask
  7. Apply your favorite cream to seal in all the good stuff and moisture from the mask.

Be careful when unwrapping the rubber part of the mask, it can tear easily.


Dr. Jart Sheet Mask Pink


My impression of Dr. Jart Rubber Mask Firming Lover

  • It has nice and convenient package
  • Ampoule has nice, pleasant smell; it has noticeable grassy smell, but it is very, very nice. Alginate mask does not smell.
  • Ampoule goes on smoothly and without any problems. There is enough product to cover my whole face (and even neck). Rubber mask feels, well, rubbery; attaches to the face smoothly.
  • My skin instantly felt fresh and cool as soon as I applied the rubbery part. It was a pleasant chill, even though I did not put mask in the fridge before. I assume this chill was part of calming effect.
  • I lied down with the mask and relaxed, so I cannot really tell if you can walk around in it. In my position mask stayed firmly on the face without sliding.
  • I did not follow the instructions (busted, lol!!!) and waited for 1 hour instead of 30-40 min. After I removed rubbery parts, there was still a lot of ampoule from step 1 left, so I patted it in as per instructions.
  • This mask could feel intense and leave sticky feeling. I read that many people rush to wash mask off. However, as soon as I patted in the ampoule, I applied my regular moisturizer.   And honestly, that sticky feeling stopped.
  • I did notice a very refreshed and glowing look after just 1 mask. My skin looked visibly hydrated and brightened.
  • My skin definitely felt nourished. I think I noticed lifting effect, however, I do not really have sagging skin (I perform facial exercises for the last 12 years), so I do not think there is anything to notice from 1 mask.

I would definitely recommend this mask to others. In fact, few days ago I went to local Winners and was so happy to find this mask there.  Of course I bought it and it is waiting for me in my treasure chest of different masks, creams, oils and other skincare.

The big drawback of this mask is the price.   It is quite high and turns many people away from the mask.

I also noted that many bloggers did not give these rubber mask series high reviews.  I can understand that and I agree that this mask does not give you an immediate “wow” effect.  However,  I strongly believe that you cannot really judge a product if you used it once.  You need to use it at least 5 times or even more to form an opinion.   Unfortunately the cost of Dr. Jart’s Rubber Mask is quite high and not many people can afford it.

The only solution I see here is to monitor for sales.  Occasionally sellers have promotions and they are just trying to sell out their inventory, so you can pick products at cheaper price.

You could also check your local stores.  I was able to pick up this pink mask from a local Winners store $5 cheaper than I paid at eBay.


Dr. Jart Face Mask


If I were to compare between the blue mask and this pink one, I would pick the blue one without a doubt. For my skin type and my skin issues blue mask worked the best and really made an impressive difference even after one application.

However, everyone’s skin type is different and everyone’s skin needs are not the same. I encourage you to try different products to find the one that would be the best for YOU.


Thank you for reading.


Please, drop us a comment, share your thoughts and experiences.


Stay beautiful!!!

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