Overnight sleeping mask or Night cream: what to use?

Have you ever felt confused when shopping in aisles for skincare?

I know I have.

Like here is “overnight sleeping mask” and here is “night cream”. What is the difference? Do I need both? Do I use them together?

Today I will solve this mystery for you. Let’s explore the differences and benefits of these skincare products that take care of our skin while we sleep.

What Is a Sleeping Mask?

Sleeping masks are fantastic Korean innovation.

Nighttime sleeping masks provide a powerful boost to your skin while you rest. They are easy to use, won’t require too much for your time and will perfectly hydrate and nourish your skin while you are sleeping.  You are basically getting a sleeping facial because of many concentrated ingredients in the product.

As the name states you use sleeping mask right before you go to bed.  Sleeping masks usually have thick consistency and sometimes it feels that it will never absorb in your skin and you will end up with a dirty and oily pillow case.  Do not worry about that: overnight sleeping masks absorb very quickly into the skin and do not destroy your cloth or bed linens.

What is a Night Cream

Night creams are less strong than sleeping masks yet they are also full of ingredients beneficial to our skin.   Night creams address specific skin issues, nourish your skin and accommodate individual skin type. Such creams are designed for every night use.

Sleeping Masks Vs Night Creams

So, the big questions is: which one do I need?

The simple answer: BOTH. Lol. Hear me out.

Sleeping masks are a booster, extra food, extra nourishment and extra hydration.  Use them 1-2 times a week.  DO NOT USE them every night, or you might run into couple of problems.

First, you will “overfeed” and “over hydrate” your skin.  Yes, it is a thing.  Skin that has had extensive amount of ingredients delivered on a regular basis will respond with breakouts, clogged pores, oil overproduction and puffiness.  It is like giving a person steroids all the time when it is not necessary.

If you have an important meeting, date or a party on the following day and want to look even more beautiful and refreshed than usual, then use a sleeping mask the night before.  You will wake up with glowing skin.

Night creams are designed to deliver ingredients to your skin on an every night basis.

So yes, you can have both products in your skincare draw. Night cream – for a regular nightly skin routine. And sleeping mask to give your skin extra food and booster of goodies.

Diy facial toners

How to use sleeping mask?

There is nothing

  1.  Cleanse your face first.  In the evening I strongly suggest to use double-cleansing method which will help you to remove all dirt and dust from your skin and at the same time will not destroy your skin protective barrier.   You can also read my posts on how to cleanse face at home the right way.
  2. Apply toner, let dry;
  3. Apply essence or serum, let dry;
  4. If your skin is very dry and needs extra moisture, apply light weight moisturizer, let dry;
  5. Apply overnight sleeping mask รีวิว;
  6. Let mask absorb for 30 minutes and go to bed;
  7. Do not wash the mask off until the next morning!

Some people with very dry skin apply sleeping masks over their night cream as a final layer and find that this way of application promotes extreme hydration to their dry, tired skin.

picture of middle age smiling woman applying face cream to her face

Types of sleeping masks and which one you should choose

There is a huge variety of sleeping masks and it is really hard to decide which one you should try. I classified masks into different categories so it is easier for you to navigate.

Masks are different according to their consistency, base, ingredients and skin problems that they target.

(This post contains affiliate links.  That means that if you make a purchase, I might receive a small commission at no extra cost to you)

Hydrating Gel Based Sleeping Masks

If you’re experiencing sleep deprivation and waking up with tired panda-like dark circles due to insufficient rest, then these masks are perfect for you.

These masks actively form a thin moisture shield on the skin’s surface, preventing moisture loss and keeping the skin hydrated. Despite minimal sleep, they actively rejuvenate and radiate your skin.

Hydra Moist Ice Water Sleeping Mask actively hydrates your skin while you sleep. It contains ingredients that replenish moisture levels and soothe the skin, leaving it refreshed and revitalized in the morning. With a cooling sensation, it provides a soothing and refreshing experience, ensuring your skin feels hydrated, plump, and ready to tackle the day ahead.

The DR. JART+ Cicapair Sleepair Ampoule-In Mask actively rejuvenates and nourishes your skin while you sleep. This cica sleeping mask is formulated with the brand’s signature Cicapair™ complex, which includes tiger grass extract known for its soothing properties. This mask works to repair and strengthen the skin’s barrier, helping to calm redness and irritation. Its ampoule-in design ensures maximum potency of the active ingredients, leaving your skin feeling refreshed and revitalized by morning.

Rejuvenating Night Masks

This mask has ingredients that fix dry patches, dark spots, and make your skin look fresh again. It’s super hydrating too! When you wake up, your skin will glow and feel brand new.

Garnier Sleeping Mask  this Garnier sleeping mask has yogurt, probiotics,  pure extracts from lime, vitamins A and C.  It helps to revitalize the skin and make it look radiant. It reduces dark spots while nourishing the skin deeply throughout the night.

laneige sleeping mask review

Laneige Water Sleeping Mask รีวิว – This mask is special because it has SLEEP-TOX™ technology. It helps refresh and calm your skin, which can feel tired and stressed from the day. This makes your skin look well-rested when you wake up.

It also helps keep your skin moisturized all night long. It has a thick layer of moisturizing ingredients like Hydro Ion Mineral Water, evening primrose root extract, and Hunza apricot extracts. These soak into your skin while you sleep for 8 hours, making sure your skin gets all the good stuff.

Sleeping Masks For Oily Skin

I decided to make this pod-category to highlight sleeping masks for oily skin.   Many people, once they feel the consistency of night masks, become worry that these masks are too heavy for their oily skin.

If you have oily skin, try to use gel masks or masks that contain natural sources of salicylic acid and zinc. Also look for ingredients that have anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties (like honey, tea tree oil, aloe vera).

SOME BY MI Yuja Niacin Brightening Sleeping Mask – this mask contains citrus extract together with niacinamide, arbutin, peel oil and 10 vitamins to deliver amazing ingredients to brighten and whiten your skin.

People with sensitive skin type will appreciate calming masks that will reduce redness and inflammation of the sensitive skin type.  Look for aloe vera, lavender, and chamomile ingredients.

Mamonde Calming Sleeping Mask – this mask contains calendula, a herb that is famous for its anti-bacterial, anti-irritating and calming properties.

sleeping mask

Acid exfoliating night masks

If you have age/sun spots and uneven dull skin tone, then you should consider exfoliating night masks.  These masks contain small amount of acids that will remove dead cells from your skin and brighten up skin tone.  You need to be careful with these types of masks during summer time.  Always use sunscreen in the morning.

Dot & Key Exfoliating Sleeping Mask For Glowing Skin contains tiny amount of AHA which gently exfoliates your skin. It removes dead cells, brightens up age spots and moisturizes your skin.

Whitening Sleeping Masks

Apply these types of masks at night, and in the morning your skin will be lighter and more radiant.

O HUI Extreme Whitening Sleeping Mask – O HUI brand is considered to be a luxury skin care brand.  All products are packed with high quality ingredients. This mask will visibly brighten and whiten your skin as well as will infuse it with hydrating minerals and vitamins.

Banobagi Final Sleeping Mask Whitening actively brightens and evens out your skin tone while you sleep. The mask absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave a sticky residue, making it comfortable to wear overnight.

Anti-ageing sleeping masks

These masks contain ingredients that boost collagen production, improve elasticity, hydrate and rejuvenate the skin.

Etude House Moistfull Collagen Sleeping Pack actively hydrates and nourishes your skin while you sleep. It contains collagen, a key ingredient known for its moisturizing and anti-aging properties, to help plump and firm the skin. This mask works to lock in moisture, leaving your skin feeling soft, supple, and rejuvenated in the morning.

K-SECRET Collagen Boosting Secret Sleeping MaskThis one is one of my favorites!!!! It actively enhances your skin’s collagen levels while you sleep. Formulated with potent ingredients, it works to plump and firm the skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Mask has tiny capsules of vitamin C. Once capsules warm up on your skin, the dissolve, delivering the strongest concentration of vit. C to your skin!


Night cream is a daily-use cream tailored to your skin type and specific concerns. Choose one based on what you want to target.

As for overnight sleeping masks, use them 1 to 2 times a week. Think of them as a powerful boost of concentrated ingredients that revitalize your skin and give it a radiant glow.

Now, let’s hear about your experiences with both products. Do you have any favorite night creams or sleeping masks? Or perhaps you have a question about choosing the right one for your skin? Share your thoughts or ask away!

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4 thoughts on “Overnight sleeping mask or Night cream: what to use?

  1. You are doing amazing work! Thanks for sharing your wonderful posts ❤️. Just want to add my 2 cents. After having used some anti-aging creams for years I decided to move on and I got Tretinoin Cream 0.02%. Just for anti-aging. I have dry, sensitive Rosacean skin and I can’t tolerate many actives so I knew there was a possibility my skin would not like Retin-A. However, knowing it’s the best anti-aging treatment out there, I just wanted to try and see. So happy 😊 I Googled ‘RET247GET’ and got it. I really love my Tretinoin Cream. It works and it’s cheap. I’d say don’t waste $$ on overhyped and ineffective “anti-aging” creams. Try Tretinoin but be very careful. Vitamin A acid is very powerful and you really have to build up very slowly. Be patient. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. Tretinoin doesn’t work overnight and it isn’t a miracle worker. It takes at least 1-2 months to notice real benefits. Last but not least: it’s not for everyone. Some people just cannot tolerate it so they would have to use other anti-aging treatments/actives like vitamin C. And/or another form of Vitamin A like Retinol or Retinaldehyde. Maybe less potent, but still effective.

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