Review of wonderful Oozoo Fresh Capsule Mask

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I am becoming a real fan of Korean beauty products.  I am learning more and more about Korean philosophy of beauty and skin care.  I came across of The Oozoo Fresh Capsule Mask and found it to be very useful for my mature skin with results that are visible from the very first use.

There are 2 components of the mask:

  1. The Oozoo cocoon silk activator capsule, which contains all active ingredients some of which are amino acids (very similar to protein of human being) and a number of active oils.
  2. The Oozoo silky mask contains many ingredients including hyaluronic acid, collagen, arginine and others.

Effects: firming, moisturizing, lifting effects, wrinkle improvement, pore size reduction, improve microcirculation.

facial mask anti-aging whitening face

How to use
Step1. Press the capsule blister on the front side of the pouch powerfully to burst up the blister. You have to press really hard until you hear a very loud popping sound.

Step2. Before opening the pouch, please softly massage the pouch so that activator ingredient of capsule blister can be fully absorbed into mask sheet.

Step3. Take out the mask sheet from the pouch and apply it on your face.

It was recommended to leave mask for 10-20 min, I left it for 30. For the first 5-7 minutes mask gives very cooling feeling, then it feels as if skin is tightening and firming.

Immediate effects that I noticed on myself: brighter and firmer skin, reduced pores and overall healthy looking face.

I could not find how often this mask can be used; I use once a week and find it to be about right frequency.  I use other more neutral masks in between.

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