How to Do Facial At Home With Homemade Natural Products

It is not hard to do facial clean up at home.  You need to follow simple steps.  If you prefer natural skincare products, you will find steps how to do facial clean up at home using natural material and homemade products.


Today we are going to continue our discussion about face clean up at home.

We already explored spa-like facial at home steps and also learnt why it is important to clean face daily and how to do it.

In this post we are going to explore how to do cleansing facial at home using natural homemade products.

Why to use homemade skin care products?

·         First of all, homemade products are made with love and there is something magical in making your own products.

·         If you use organic natural ingredients, that you can be almost 100% sure, that you will end up with completely chemical free cleanser or cream, or toner.

·         You can avoid allergy-causing ingredients by simply not adding them to your product.

·         You can custom made your cosmetics by adding ingredients that will target your skin issues.

I have few posts on my blog where I offer you many different masks, creams, lotions and toners that you can easily make at home.

However, I received quite a number of emails after I published a post How to do a spa-like facial at home, where you, guys, asked me how to do facial at home with homemade products.  Thank you so much for your emails, it completely makes sense to have everything that is needed for a facial in one post.

When making your own beauty products at home, know your skin type.  If you know your skin type, you can easily modify ingredients in your products to match your skin issues.  For example, if you have sensitive skin type, it would not be a very good idea to use apple cider vinegar as it can irritate your skin further.

In this post I am offering you products that are suitable for any skin type, because they are gentle and hypoallergenic.

However, as with any product, personal allergies and intolerances are always a concern.  Perform skin patch test every time you are trying a new ingredient.

1.       Homemade face cleanser

Start your facial with homemade face wash.   

face clean up

Aloe face wash

Aloe vera is an amazing natural ingredient that has so many benefits for our skin.  It is anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, soothing and moisturizing plant that makes is universal for any skin type and any skin issue.

This recipe also uses soapwort extract, which is a plant that contains saponin.  Saponin is a natural cleansing ingredient.


¼ cup of aloe vera gel

2 table spoons of rosewater

1 table spoon of soapwort extract

2 tablespoons of grapeseed oil (or other non-comedogenic oil)


1.       Mix all ingredients together

2.       Place in a glass jar

3.       Wet your face, massage skin with the cleanser and rinse off with lukewarm water.

2.        Exfoliating

To goal of exfoliation is to remove dead cells that get stuck on the top layer of our skin.  Our skin cells renew every 21 days.  We get rid of dead cells when we clean our face.  However, sometimes dead cells accumulate on the surface of the skin and might cause breakouts, acne and dull, uneven skin tone.  When we exfoliate, we get rid of these dead cells.

The challenge with exfoliation is to do it in the way that we do not harm protective lipid barrier of the skin.   Many physical scrubs on the market are excellent for removing dead cells, but they are also excellent in damaging our skin layer.  If we damage outer skin barrier, then we are in risk of skin dryness, irritation, flaky patches, skin oil overproduction, wrinkles and even skin infections.

benefits of pink clay and anti-aging masks

That is why I will never advise you to use sugar, coffee or salt scrubs for the delicate face skin.  Such scrubs are excellent for body use; however, they are too harsh on face skin.

I stopped use scrubs for my face about 3 years ago and I do not miss them. I consider clay to be the best exfoliating agent for the skin.  If you have sensitive skin type, I strongly recommend that you use Pink Clay in your routine.

One important thing to remember with clay exfoliating masks: you have to remove a mask as soon as clay dries (usually in 5 minutes).  Do not sit with dried mask on your face, dry clay will start absorbing moisture from your skin.

Homemade clay mask – follow this link

3.       Peeling

gentle skin peeling

Peeling is another way to exfoliate your skin.  Peels are usually done with assistance of acids (mandelic, glycolic, salicylic acids, fruit acids and so on).  There is not rubbing and scrubbing involved. 

Peels have the same goal as exfoliates: they remove dead cells from skin’s surface, unclog pores, remove excessive skin oil, minimize scars, whiten age spots and brighten skin tone.

Typically, you should opt of either one in your skin care routine: either exfoliate or peel. 

However, if you want to do deep cleansing whitening facial, you can use both peels and exfoliation.  I would use both steps once every 3 weeks or even once a month as both steps are quite invasive for the skin.

Natural peels

Fruit acid is one of the most common natural peels.  Fruit that are commonly used for homemade peels: papaya, pineapple, tomato and lemon.  However, you have to be careful with tomato and lemon, they are not suitable for sensitive skin.

whitening facial at home

Gentle Fruit Peel Mask


½ cup fresh pineapple, cut in cubes

½ cup fresh papaya, cut in cubes

1 tablespoon of honey


1.       Puree papaya and pineapple in a blender (or using hand blender)

2.       Add honey and stir everything together well

3.       Apply to skin for 10-15 minutes

4.       Wash off with lukewarm water

If you do not have time, you can just rub piece of fresh papaya all over your face, leave it for 10 minutes and wash it off.  You will still get a good fruit peel.

4. Facial mask

At this point you would want to nourish, moisturize and treat your skin with a facial mask.  There are tons of masks that you can make at home.  If you brows my blog, you will find many, many, many different recipes.

For your facial I chose a mask with aloe vera gel and rose water.  This is a very good mask, enriched with hydrating, nourishing and calming ingredients that will be suitable for any skin type.

buy rose water, rose water toner

Aloe vera and rose water facial mask


1 table spoon of aloe vera gel

1 table spoon of rose water

1 table spoon of 35% table cream


1.       Mix all ingredients together

2.       Apply to clean skin using cosmetic brash, cotton pad (or simply your fingers lol)

3.       Leave on your face for 15-20 minutes and rinse off with lukewarm water.

5. Toner 

Toner helps to restore moisture, hydration and pH balance that were disrupted by cleaning and exfoliation/peeling.  Toners also prepare our skin to receive other skin care products.

Aloe Vera and Chamomile Calming and Balancing toner

This toner is suitable for every skin type.  It will help calm and moisturize your skin, reduce redness and inflammation.

facial naturally at home


1 table spoon of aloe vera gel

3 table spoons of chamomile infusion 

3 table spoons of distilled water (or mineral water)


1.       Place all ingredients in a glass jar, shake well

2. Prepare chamomile infusion: boil 1 cup of water and pour over 1 tablespoon of chamomile dry herb (or 3 bags of chamomile organic tea). Let steep for 10 min.

3.       Shake jar well before each use

4.       Shelf life is no longer than 5 days (or 2 week in your refrigerator)

6.  Moisturizer

Aloe vera moisturizing gel

aloe vera for dry skin facial steps at home

Aloe vera gel would be the best homemade skin moisturizer that will pamper any skin type and will address almost all skin issues.  I have 3 blog posts about aloe vera, its benefits for skin, health and hair and how to make homemade beauty products with aloe vera gel. 


1 aloe vera leave (you can buy them at health store, plant nursery or even grocery stores);

Or 3 tablespoons of aloe vera gel

2 table spoons of jojoba oil (or grapeseed oil) – these oils are non-comedogenic, meaning they will not clog your pores and won’t cause blackheads.


1.       Prepare aloe very gel 

2.       Mix gel and oil together

3.       Shake VERY well before applying: you will notice that oil and gel will separate after some time on the shelf.

4.       You can use this gel any time and as many times a day as necessary

You can always custom made your moisturizer by adding essential oils to it.

Essential Oils for different skin types:

Oily skin: sage, rosemary, frankincense, geranium, neroli

Dry skin: lavender, chamomile, sandalwood

Sensitive skin: lavender, frankincense, sandalwood (no acidic oils)

Acne-prone skin: tea tree oil, lemon, lemongrass, cinnamon

Mature skin: rose, ylang ylang, mandarin, frankincense


Homemade Face Moisturizer with Shea Butter

facial of face at home

This is my all-time favorite DIY moisturizer.   It used to do it during dry winter months (I do not do it anymore because I am just too lazy lol.  However, I have a friend who likes this moisturizer, so I would always give her one before winter time).


½ cup of shea butter

2 tablespoons of any carrier oil (I usually mix 1 tablespoon of jojoba oil and 1 table spoon of either grapeseed oil or sesame oil).

15 drops of essential oils of your choice (consider your skin type and skin issue you would like to work on).


1.       In a double boiler melt shea butter.  Alternatively you could place shea butter in your microwave and set timer for 20 seconds, stir the butter and then place into microwave for another 20 seconds until butter is melted.  Do not let it boil.  

2.       Place melted butter into a glass container and let cool.

3.       Add carrier oil and essential oils.

4.       Allow butter to solidify (you will get soft consistency).

5.       Apply to face, hands, neck or elbows any time you need it.

Your all natural facial is done!!!  It might seem like a lot of products, however, you can make them ahead and on the day of your facial you will have everything handy.  Also shea butter moisturizer has a very long shelf life (at least 6 months), so you can make far, far in advance.    

Do not hesitate to substitute any of the ingredients to suit your skin needs better.  This is the beauty of  DIY products – you are in charge and you can do whatever you want.

Stay beautiful!!!!!

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