Hope Girl Honey Bee All Day Fixing Mist – review

Honey Bee All Day Fixing Mist

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Hydrating face mist and makeup setter

The heat wave hit Canada this summer of 2018.  I prefer heat over cold, but I must admit it is hot even for me.  Through in humidity up to 80% and things become non-enjoyable completely.  Among other inconveniences that extreme heat and very high humidity causes, one of the things that most girls stress about is sweaty face and smudging make up.

There are many tricks that ladies use to keep make up longer during hot weather including primers, foundations, oil-absorbing sheets and so on.  I purchased hydrating mist from ebay after reading numerous reviews and I am so glad I did!  Not only does it hydrate and refresh my face, it also works as a makeup setter keeping my makeup from fading and smudging.

Hope Girl Honey Bee All Day Fixing Mist – my review

Main ingredients of this product are:  honey, propolis, lime and royal jelly.  Mist comes in 80 ml bottle.  Mist has such a pleasant summer smell that reminds me of summer meadows full of different flowers.

Honey – maintains moisture, exfoliates, promotes better skin texture and strengthens skin elasticity.

Propolis – antibacterial and skin soothing effect, enhances skin immunity.

Lime – antioxidant and soothing effect.

Royal jelly – antioxidant and soothing effect.

The product promises the following:

Maintain healthy skin balance by supplying moisture and nutrients to skin surface.

Makeup holding by creating fine breathable film over the skin that holds makeup and skin moisture in place.

Healthy skin by improving protective skin barrier.  Mist contains vitamin C derived from Lime extract that reinforces stronger skin texture and also has anti-aging properties.

Improved skin texture and radiancy – mask contains Kakadu plum extract that is extremely rich in vitamin C which provides brightening effect and prevents skin aging.

Honey Bee All Day Fixing Mist


How to use:

Hold the bottle about 15-20 cm away from your face and spray mist evenly.  It will dry up momentarily.  Use it right after applying makeup and through the day whenever desired or/and when your skin fill dry.


Honey Bee All Day Fixing Mist 

I am quite pleased with this mist.  It is so nice to fill cooling mist on the face in this heat.  Also this product is great for indoor uses as air conditioners dry air tremendously.  I keep a bootle in my purse and use it in dry office during work.  As I mentioned before this mist smells amazing and very refreshing.

I also notice that product does keep my makeup without fading for about 4-5 hours even in this heat.  It helps my lips stay hydrated with lipstick on for way longer time than usual.

I would definitely buy this product again.  It is great for travel: it is only 80 ml and is allowed in your carry on bag.  I always have dry and dull skin after spending few hours on a plane, no secret that air on a plane is very, very dry.  It is great for refreshing your skin throughout the day.  It is also helps to prolong your makeup for few hours without fading.

facial mist and make up fixator
facial mist and make up fixator

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