Carboxy CO2 gel facial treatments and benefits

What is Carboxy CO2 gel facial treatments?

Carboxy CO2 gel treatment

Carboxy CO2 gel facial therapy is an innovative skin care treatment that allows you to enjoy benefits of carboxy therapy at the comfort of your home (and for much less money than at a salon).  This facial treatment utilizes the Bohr effect, when large amount of carbon dioxyde is released to a targeted areas, which forces a spontaneous release of oxygen. This promotes increased metabolism, waste removal and increased nutrients supply to targeted areas.

I will go into more detailed benefits later in the post.


What is Bohr effect (in simple terms).

The Bohr effect is a normal process in healthy people. Hemoglobin transports oxygen to different cells in our body.  Question is: how does our body know which cells need oxygen and which ones don’t?  Well, when a cell needs oxygen, it releases carbon dioxide (CO2). The red blood cells detect it and release oxygen in places where it is needed.  So, naturally, the more CO2 is detected, the more oxygen red blood cells would release.

Carboxy CO2 gel facial therapy utilizes the Bohr effect.  When we apply CO2 to the skin, we make our body think that that this area needs more oxygen.   Then blood rushes to our skin and delivers a very large amount of oxygen.


Benefits of using CO2 gel facial treatment:

Wrinkle reduction – aids in increased metabolism of the skin cells and activates protein production.  Treatment tightens skin, increases its elasticity and minimizes old wrinkles while preventing new ones from forming.

Moisturizing –  increases hydration and helps skin keep the balance between water and oil.

Lifting – tightens skin and promotes lifting effect.

Whitening – treats sun damage, dark spots, age spots, freckles and uneven dull skin tone by activating blood circulation and waste removal from the skin.

Treatment of acne and scars – by increasing blood flow and waste removal this treatment increases acne-causing bacteria discharge.  

Pores reduction – decreases size of the skin pores even after the very first application.

Generally,  treatments are safe for any skin type; however, I heard from some users that people with sensitive skin can experience some  burning sensation during treatment and some people reported that this sensation was quite uncomfortable, even unbearable. I have thick oily skin and, although I did experience some burning sensation while using the mask, it was not uncomfortable. 

There are no contraindications for using this therapy, no side effects and no downtime.


Esthetic House Co2 Carboxy GEL Mask – Review

Carboxy CO2 gel treatment

I purchased this treatment set after reading numerous reviews and recommendations.  I purchased it on ebay, you can follow the link here.

There are 5 large syringes filled with gel and 5 individually wrapped sheet masks.

Carboxy CO2 gel treatment

How to use:

  • Clean your face and dry it very well
  • Apply gel from the syringe to clean skin.  There is A LOT of gel, I felt that I don’t have enough face. I applied such a thick layer, the gel started falling off. I also applied gel to the neck area, but keep in mind that there is no sheet for the neck area (I heard that you can purchase sheets for neck area separately, however, I did not check that yet).  Avoid ares around eyes.
  • Apply sheet mask right onto the face covered in gel.  You will hear sizzling sound (it is quite loud and honestly, I was waiting for smoke to start forming lol).  Your face will start burning (as I mentioned for some people it could be even painful, for me it is just a bit uncomfortable). This sizzling sound means that CO2 is released.  And burning sensation means that blood is rushed to your skin. 
  • Leave mask for 30 minutes.  Press mask firmly to  your skin every 5-10 minutes.  This will re-start the reaction and will cause more oxygen to be released.
  • In 30 minutes remove the sheet from your face and discard.  Wash face with warm water (I use facial cloth to help to remove the gel).  Be very gentle, your skin might feel very sensitive and even raw, so be nice to it.
  •  Look in the mirror and admire results.

Carboxy CO2 gel treatment


I completed full course of 5 masks (one mask per week).  I really LOVED it despite uncomfortable and somewhat burning feeling.  My skin looked so bright right after the mask, skin tone became even, and pores were significantly reduced.  Skin looked a bit red from all extra oxygen but this redness lasts only 5-10 minutes.  Old acne scars were gone.


How long does the effect last?

Carboxy CO2 gel treatment

Unfortunately, pores did go back to their usual size.  After all it is not an invasive procedure, it is not a surgery, or botox, or fillers, or injections. However,  my bright skin tone stayed with me for a very long time.   I noticed that this treatment has cumulative effect meaning results lasted longer with each subsequent mask application.   For example, after the first treatment effect lasted for about 2-3 days; after the second treatment for about 3-4 days and so on.  


How often can you use the treatments?

I found two different recommendations.  Some sources recommend to do treatments once a year; others – twice a year.  Considering that this series of masks did not cause me much discomfort,  I would be using it twice a year.


Would I recommend this treatment?

Absolutely!!!!  I really liked what this product did not my skin and would definitely repeat treatments after 6 months.


Thank you for reading this post.  Share your thoughts and your experiences that you had using carboxy CO2 gel mask therapy.


CO2 gel facial treatment has many benefits. It reduces wrinkles, moisturizes, whitens the skin. It also reduces pores, treats acne and scars, evens out skin tone, improves skin elasticity.

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